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Partitions and Accessories for All Your Outdoor Dining Needs

Crowd control can be like herding cats if you don’t have the right barriers in place. At SelectSpace® Partitions, we play an important role in your event logistics by supplying the highest-quality crowd control fence panels. See how event fence panels can make the difference between an unruly gathering and a successful, well-organized one.

metal removable sidewalk barriers


We carry a wide range of products to help you pull off a memorable outdoor event. Our durable sidewalk partitions are built to withstand the elements while holding up to regular foot traffic. And our outdoor seating barriers help you section off spaces for dining, limited access areas and more.

No two events are identical, so we want you to have the resources to customize your space. Our event partitions are available in 3-foot, 5-foot and 7-foot sections. Panels come with circle perforations or a square-weave pattern so that you never need to sacrifice style for functionality. To further help control crowd flow, we also offer easy-access gates and crowd fencing.


The team at SelectSpace® Partitions is happy to listen to your plans and help you select just the right crowd fencing and accessories for your event.


Crowd control should be top of mind for event planners. And a physical crowd barrier fence is the simplest and most effective way to get it right. More than providing crowd and access control, quality crowd fence barriers also enhance traffic flow and wayfinding.


Whatever your goal, SelectSpace® Partitions is the obvious choice for event barriers. Our products are rust-proof and built to be durable in high-traffic event settings. We also make it easy to customize your panels with logos, the event name or other branding. And just as importantly, we provide crowd control barriers that are easy to assemble, disassemble and rearrange, enabling you to be nimble in addressing the requirements of each event.


SelectSpace® Partitions is a valued partner when it comes to ensuring smoothly run outdoor events. We work with event management companies and vendors as well as municipalities that regularly host outdoor gatherings. Our customers in every sector know that SelectSpace® Partitions is their one-stop shop for quality event barriers.

SelectSpace® Partitions is a leader in the event space because we emphasize product quality and customer service. We know that even a temporary event requires barriers built for long-term use, so you can trust the durability and integrity of every product we offer.

Our product line ranges from event crowd control to outdoor seating for restaurants and cafes. Whatever your setting, our team is ready and waiting to help you create a well-organized space with smart, stylish barriers. Contact us today to learn more about our options and how SelectSpace® Partitions can help improve the flow and ambiance of your outdoor event.