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no dig fencing

When you search for no dig fencing, some interesting panels come up. What I mean by interesting is that they don't look like what I would consider "no dig." Instead of, perhaps, not digging a hole, you still have to do a lot of physical work – physically driving or hammering the posts into the ground to ensure they don't move around. While that might be easier than grabbing a post-hole digger, it's still an arduous process – and job – that most would not want to take on and might outsource to a trained professional. Instead, to procure a legit DIY fence, researching a proper no-dig fence can help you discover all the options out there and help you dial in on the right fence for your application. Get a quote today!

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No-dig fence fencing, also known as no-dig panels or no-dig fence systems, is an innovative solution for erecting fences without the need for traditional digging of post holes. These freestanding panels typically consist of pre-assembled sections of fencing that can be easily installed by attaching them to posts or stakes driven into the ground rather than being set in concrete footings or dug post holes. Some of the key benefits of freestanding fencing from SelectSpace include:

1.    Installation: The main advantage of no-dig fence panels is the ease of installation. Instead of digging post holes, which can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, these panels can be installed by simply anchoring them to the ground using stakes, posts, or other anchoring systems. With SelectSpace, just placing them on the concrete is the best method.
2.    Materials: SelectSpace's no-dig fence panels are available in aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. This allows for durability and maintenance requirements. In addition, the product is powder-coated to enhance longevity.
3.    Versatility: These fence panels come in various styles and designs, from a modern circle pattern to a classy square weave. They can be used for multiple applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial fencing needs.
4.    Durability: Depending on the material chosen, no-dig fence panels can offer excellent durability and weather resistance. Vinyl and aluminum panels, for example, are known for their low maintenance requirements and resistance to rust, rot, and fading.
5.    Temporary or Permanent: No dig fencing can be used for temporary and permanent fencing solutions. Temporary panels are often used for events, sidewalk cafes, or casinos, while permanent panels provide long-term boundary definition and perhaps added security.
6.    Cost: While the initial cost of purchasing no-dig fence panels may be higher than traditional fencing materials, the labor and installation savings make SelectSpace a cost-effective option in the long run.
7.    Environmentally Friendly: No-dig fence panels require minimal excavation, so they can be considered more environmentally friendly than traditional fencing methods. They minimize soil disruption since they sit on top of concrete. Disruption can have negative environmental impacts.
8.    Accessibility: SelectSpace's freestanding fencing is easy to shop for on our website or through various online partners. It is available in multiple sizes and configurations to suit your specific space.


For most commercial businesses, freestanding fencing is the way of the future. It avoids costly items such as installation and waiting for someone else's schedule. With no dig fence panels from SelectSpace, you can quickly and easily put up your fence. And because it is a no-dig fence, it means you can move it when you see fit! It will even help you create a temporary VIP area for special events. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote. 

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Is SelectSpace weatherproof?


They are made from sustainable aluminum and stainless steel, so rusting or corroding exists.


Can they be easily removed/rearranged?


Yes! All SelectSpace bases come with bolt-hole knock-outs, which are made to be removed so that you can bolt the bases to the ground. To keep your system removable, leave the knock-outs in place.


Are they customizable?


Yes! Because we make all SelectSpace components in-house, we can modify dimensions to your needs, match your facility's scheme, and add a logo. However, custom orders require large minimums, longer lead times, and extra costs.

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