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9 Non-Turkey Food Holidays to Celebrate in November

It's no surprise that mentioning food or holidays in November brings to mind turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and all the other familiar favorites. However, if that's not your thing or you just want to take a break from them, there are some great non-turkey food holidays happening in November that deserve a chance to shine! Take a look below and celebrate a few of your favorites.


November 14 - Pickle Day

Jars of pickles

There's more to pickles than sliced cucumbers... the list of foods that can be pickled is endless. Give green beans, beets, eggs and asparagus a shot or for the truly adventurous, try watermelon rinds, lemons, apples, and cauliflower!


November 18 - Apple Cider Day

Warm Apple Cider

Apple cider is one of those quintessential fall flavors that combines well with everything. While apple cider as traditionally served as a drink (warm, chilled or hard), that certainly isn't all it's good for. Apple cider donuts are a fall favorite! For something more unconventional, try apple cider beef stew or pot roast.


November 19 - Macchiato Day

Lantana Flowers and Berries

While what actually is or isn't a macchiato may be up for debate, everyone can agree that cool fall weather means a return to warm drinks. Jazz them up with cinnamon and caramel or create something new like a caramel macchiato ice cream float, tiramisu, or custard!


November 21 - Cranberry Day

Oleander Flowers

The tart taste of cranberries makes them incredibly versatile. Use them to balance the sweetness in pies, tarts, sangria and mimosas or mix into relishes, vinaigrettes, and sauces for a punch of flavor.


November 22 - Cashew Day

Lily of the Valley Flowers and Berries

Cashew Chicken isn't the only thing this versatile seed (cashews aren't actually nuts!) is good for. Add them to salads, smoothies, cookies or roast them with your favorite combination of spices for snacking. Cashew cream is an excellent substitute for dairy for a lot of vegan recipes!


November 23 - Espresso Day

Larkspur Flowers

Everyone knows espresso as the drink, tiramisu and affogato. Try an espresso dry rub, vinaigrette, or marinade and let the rich coffee add extra depth and flavor.


November 26 - Cake Day

Azaleas and Rhododendrons

This one is 100% self-explanatory, there's a cake out there for everyone! For those who don't like sweets at all, try bacon olive or spinach parmesan 'cake salé' (savory cake).


November 28 - French Toast Day

Yew Shrubs and Berries

French toast is essentially a tasty blank canvas waiting to be topped with pretty much anything, sweet or savory. It's a great way to create interesting specials and change them up to match the seasons!


November 30 - Mousse Day

Various Desserts

Traditional classics like chocolate, strawberry, and salmon mousse never get old. Mousse is also a great format for more unique (and seasonal!) flavors like melon, matcha, and earl grey.


Stand out from the crowd of pumpkin spice (no hate, but you have to admit there is a pumpkin spice version of everything now) by celebrating some of these other November food holidays. Try something new and unique or embrace a classic and people will want to join in!


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