outdoor bar partitions

An alfresco seating area can transform the bar experience for your patrons. SelectSpace® Partitions offers outdoor bar fences and dividers that can help you create an inviting and relaxing space while ensuring it is adequately enclosed.

black outdoor bar seating barricade partitions with black umbrellas


The benefits of taproom partitions and beer garden fencing are endless, but here are a few key reasons to invest in a high-quality option:  


  • Ambiance- Customers drink and dine outside for an experience they can’t get indoors. Make it worth their while with sophisticated outdoor bar partitions that enhance and define the environment. Quality partitions provide a level of privacy while letting customers enjoy the open air.

  • Functionality- Whatever bar patio partitions you choose, they should be built to be practical. The ideal partition is decorative, rust-proof and durable enough for light crowd control — especially if your outdoor bar space gets a good amount of foot traffic. Lastly, you want partitions that are easy to assemble, rearrange and store as needed.

  • Regulations- Outdoor bar partitions do more than enhance your space. They also help you comply with local laws and ordinances that govern outdoor eating and drinking spaces. Alcohol regulations often put outdoor bars under additional scrutiny. Choosing appropriate bar partitions will bring you one step closer to compliance, allowing your customers to kick back and enjoy the experience sooner rather than later.

The team at SelectSpace® Partitions will work with you to understand all the considerations impacting your outdoor bar space, and provide options that will best work for you.


A new outdoor bar space is a blank canvas — and SelectSpace® Partitions carries a range of options to help you make your space your own.

Configure your space using our 3-foot, 5-foot or 7-foot panels that can be rearranged to suit your needs. Add depth and texture to the area with contemporary circular perforated panels or classic square weave patterns. Then bring your outdoor bar to life with decorative and functional planters. We carry options that can be hung on existing panels as well as planter stands that rest directly on the ground. For a space that is easily accessible, add one of our attractive gates. And if you want to further personalize your space, consider adding a custom logo or other graphic element that amplifies your brand.


For SelectSpace® customers, it’s all about the quality of our products. Our durable partitions and accessories ensure that you’re not constantly replacing panels while our attractive designs offer the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Our customer service team goes the extra mile to understand your business goals and direct you to products that will help you achieve them. Browse our catalog of products online or contact us today for help planning your space or to request a quote.