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usage guidelines & return policy

usage guidelines

please read the following usage guidelines carefully as failure to follow them will void the warranty & may cause damage or injury

  • Read the instruction manual carefully before assembling and keep it for future reference. It contains the warranty, damages policy and other important information. 

  • Only use the included or specified hardware to assemble partitions.

  • Do not stand, sit, or lean on partitions.

  • Ensure partition bases sit completely flat against the ground.

  • Do not set partitions longer than 25 linear feet in any one direction without additional partitions at 90-degree angles supporting it. Contact us for assistance if you need anything longer than 25 linear feet and do not have the space for support partitions. 

  • Do not use partitions as any type of security fence (for example, to keep children away from water or to block off construction areas).

  • Do not use partitions in any areas where part or all of the partition is submerged under water.

  • Avoid exposing partitions to road salt and de-icing chemicals, as they can cause the finish to corrode.

  • Do not hang heavy objects off the partitions unless they are purchased from SelectSpace® for use with your partition system. Light objects (under 15lbs) are ok, but be careful not to unbalance the partitions by hanging multiple things on only one side.

  • Do not use abrasives (steel wool, wire brushes) to clean your partitions.  Remove loose surface deposits with a wet sponge and then use a mild detergent (such as a liquid handwashing dish soap) and a soft brush or cloth to remove the rest of the dust and deposits. Do not use solvents.

  • Store partitions in a dry area away from rain and snow.

download the warranty in english and spanish

return policy

return of non-damaged product

     We understand that sometimes mistakes happen or requirements change.  To help make life a little easier, we have a very open return policy on all standard partition systems.  If you are interested in returning your partitions, please contact us for a return authorization.


  • Stock orders received back at SelectSpace® in sellable condition will be eligible for a full refund minus a 25% stocking and processing free.  Shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

  • Custom partition systems are not eligible to be returned.  If you believe the system was manufactured different than promised, please contact us to discuss.

  • Items are no longer eligible for return 3 months past the delivery date.​

return of damaged or defective product

     Damaged or defective items will receive free parts to correct the problem. If replacement parts will not solve the issue, we will replace the item free of charge. If an item is delivered damaged from shipping, please take photos if possible, retain all packaging materials, and contact us immediately.


     Please note that items with free shipping are NOT eligible for free return shipping without prior authorization from SelectSpace®.

cancellation policy

     If a stock or custom order cancellation is requested within 24 hours or one business day of the order being placed, then there will be no restocking fees applied.  

     If a stock order cancellation is requested at a later time than one business day after order placement, then we will do our best to accommodate the cancellation but there may be a restocking fee.  

      If a custom order cancellation is requested at a later time than one business day after order placement, then we will do our best to accommodate the cancellation but there may be a restocking fee and/or payment may have to be made for any custom parts unable to be placed back into stock.  Custom parts include but are not limited to: laser-cut logo panels, colors other than black or gray, or custom length/height components. 

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