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restaurant partitions

Partitions and Accessories for All Your Outdoor Dining Needs

What separates a run-of-the-mill cafe from a classy outdoor dining space? Outdoor restaurant partitions from SelectSpace® Partitions.

You have plenty of tools at your disposal when it comes to customizing your eatery, but outdoor restaurant partitions are a great way to own your space in a highly visible way. As your expert in outdoor décor that’s both functional and visually appealing, SelectSpace® Partitions is here to help you make the smartest decision possible about restaurant patio fencing.

Restaurant patio divider with planters and a custom logo panel
outdoor seating barriers with planters and a custom logo panel


There’s a reason restaurants put thought into the appearance of their outdoor eating areas. For starters, it’s your business’s chance to make a good first impression — especially if you’re trying to attract foot traffic. High-quality restaurant sidewalk barriers stand out. Clean in appearance, sturdy and thoughtfully designed, the right restaurant outdoor partitions can make a huge difference.


There are also local rules and regulations to take into account. In most cities, outdoor seating areas that overlap with pedestrian walkways must be separated by some sort of barrier. Likewise, establishments serving alcohol must have a physical divider in almost all cases. So, when you need those outdoor seating partitions, why not choose the best product that can be customized to your specific needs? Check out our selection of products to guide you as you plan your outdoor space. At SelectSpace® Partitions, we’ve got you covered.

If you have the space available for your establishment, taking advantage of outdoor seating is the right move. Using our restaurant partitions gives you so much more flexibility. You can use them to hang advertising or marketing banners; secure walkways to prevent accidents for your patrons and staff; or remain in compliance with local ordinances regarding alcohol consumption on patios or decks. Whether it’s enhancing ambiance or following legal requirements, our high-quality restaurant outdoor barriers are certain to make a splash. The team at SelectSpace® Partitions is ready and waiting to take your restaurant to the next level. Adding outdoor areas does more than increase your seating capacity — it also ensures your restaurant becomes a go-to destination for those who want to dine or drink in the open air.

sidewalk cafe partition panel with lasercut logo branding


Every restaurant has its own needs, and we’re here to help you meet them. Built tough, our restaurant patio partitions can easily be customized with your graphics, logos or other branding.


SelectSpace® Partitions gives you high-quality, rust-proof outdoor dining fence options that are built to last. Designed for effortless assembly, reconfiguration and storage, our outdoor dining partitions and divider walls are durable in the face of regular wear and tear. We carry 3-foot, 5-foot and 7-foot partition panels available in different patterns, including modern circle perforations and a classic square weave design.


We want your outdoor seating area to set the mood for your restaurant. If you’re looking to embrace the outdoors, we carry hanging planters for flowers or other plants. We also have planter stands that integrate directly into the partition system for a seamless look. Our selection of gates give your patrons easy but secure access to your welcoming environment.

sidewalk cafe fencing with planters and flowers

Does Weather Affect the Restaurant Partitions?

Manufactured to prevent corrosion, our aluminum partitions are rustproof and up to the task of withstanding most types of inclement weather.


Can the Partitions Be Personalized?


Yes. We offer a range of color-matching options as well as laser-engraving for a logo, restaurant name or desired text of your choosing.


Do I Need a Permit?


Generally, areas on municipal or public property need a permit. However, not every city requires one. It’s best to check with your local governing body and see our permits page for further information.


How Are the Restaurant Partitions Assembled?


The straightforward assembly process requires one to two people and begins with unpacking and reading the manual. Most components are ready to use out of the box. That said, some stands require additional assembly. Determine where the stands are going to be placed before attaching to panels. Panels and stands attach easily with a spring push-button connection. With permanent mounting, bolt hole knockouts must be removed prior to bolting the base to the ground.


We understand that you want your establishment to stand out from the competition. That’s why we put such a strong emphasis on quality and modular design. Our goal is to make the partition selection process as easy as possible for our customers. It is that commitment that has earned us a reputation as the premium restaurant outdoor partitions vendor.


The experience and expertise we bring to outdoor dining design is second-to-none. At SelectSpace, we are proud to provide a wide variety of styles, materials and customization options from which you can choose the ideal setup for your dining establishment. Having served a large number of customers across a wide spectrum of restaurant types, we know exactly what it takes to make sure you end up with the restaurant outdoor partitions that meet your needs perfectly.

Find out more about our selection of outdoor patio fencing for restaurants and see what a difference it makes to work with the best. The SelectSpace® Partitions team is happy to walk you through the options and determine whether a restaurant partition is right for you. Request a quote today!

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