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fast-casual partitions

Partitions and Accessories for All Your Outdoor Dining Needs

Are you a fast-casual restaurant owner looking to elevate your outdoor dining experience while maximizing space efficiency? This dynamic segment of the restaurant industry strikes a perfect balance between speed and quality, offering customers a delightful dining experience that is both convenient and satisfying. More and more of these establishments recognize that their patrons want to avoid grabbing and going constantly but sometimes wish to dine in and enjoy the ambiance. And instead of investing in a costly renovation, expanding out onto the sidewalk increases your footprint and revenue potential.

That's where SelectSpace comes in. Our cutting-edge partition solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of fast-casual dining establishments. We understand the individual requirements of fast-casual restaurants, and our innovative solution enhances the fast-casual dining experience by expanding your footprint and bringing your indoor dining experience outdoors.

Dynamic Green Fence
Just Salad with gray fence


Fast-casual dining establishments have become the go-to choice for many diners seeking a quick yet high-quality dining experience. These restaurants offer a unique blend of affordability, convenience, and fresh, customizable menu options. Customers can enjoy made-to-order meals without the formality of or long wait times associated with traditional dining.

Several Other Factors have also Helped Them To Gain Momentum, Including:​

  1. Health-Conscious Consumers: With a growing emphasis on healthy eating, consumers flock to fast-casual restaurants offering fresh, locally sourced ingredients and customizable menu options. Selections like the Just Salad franchise include Juice Bars, Soup Bars, and Salad Bars.

  2. Time Efficiency: Fast-casual dining appeals to individuals who want to enjoy a tasty meal without spending hours at a restaurant. You still order your meal at the front, but most fast-casual establishments bring the food to your table, giving you an elevated experience. It's the perfect combo for busy professionals and families on the go who want an enhanced experience.

  3. Casual Atmosphere: These establishments often provide a relaxed, casual dining atmosphere, making them ideal for social gatherings and solo dining experiences.

As this dining trend continues to thrive, fast-casual restaurant owners face the challenge of creating an outdoor space that reflects their brand's identity while efficiently accommodating a high volume of customers. SelectSpace Partitions fills this void with our premium partitions.

Buckhorn BBQ


SelectSpace Partitions has a long-standing reputation for providing innovative and customizable partition solutions for various industries, and fast-casual dining is no exception. We understand that the layout and design of a fast-casual restaurant play a significant role in shaping the overall dining experience. Our fast-casual partitions are designed to address the unique needs of this industry, enhancing both the functionality of your restaurant – by using more of your footprint and the aesthetics of the restaurant itself. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Space Efficiency: Fast-casual restaurants often have limited interior space, and the best way to expand is by spilling onto the patio. Our partitions maximize your outdoor seating capacity without compromising aesthetics. By strategically placing the fence and creating a sidewalk café, you create designated dining zones that allow customers to enjoy their meals al fresco. And people love eating outside more and more - some even demand an outdoor space and won't eat at a place that doesn't have it.

  2. Brand Identity: Our café fencing system is designed to match your brand's identity with laser-cut logo panels and custom colors. Whether you prefer a modern look with our square weave pattern or something sleek and industrial like our circle pattern, we have the perfect partition solutions to complement your restaurant's theme. 

  3. Flexibility: Our partitions were dreamed up with flexibility in mind. Whether you need to reconfigure your dining space for special events or accommodate larger parties, our dividers can be easily adjusted to meet your changing needs. With push-button connectivity and adjustable arms, you can arrange and rearrange your patio to your heart's content. Many of our customers use the system to create a VIP area for specific days and then rearrange it for their outdoor café the next day. We're the only fence company that lets you do that while maintaining your city's regulations.

Devil Dawgs Chicago, IL


Creating a welcoming and efficient outdoor dining environment is essential (like our 2023 Product of the Year, Essential Partition) for success in the fast-casual dining industry. SelectSpace Partitions understands the unique challenges faced by fast-casual restaurants and offers the best modular fencing solutions to address these challenges. With our expertise in optimizing the border you need, design versatility, and commitment to quality, we can help you create an outdoor patio that reflects your brand's identity and enhances the overall customer experience. Elevate your fast-casual restaurant with SelectSpace Partitions and set the stage for memorable dining experiences. Contact us today to explore how our partition solutions can transform your outdoor restaurant space.

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