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Partitions and Accessories for All Your Outdoor Dining Needs

Are you in the education industry? Then perhaps your university is looking for a better way to manage your outdoor crowds. Maybe at football games or giving students designated space for studying outside on those nice fall or spring days? The importance of prioritizing dining on university campuses is crucial. Looking for a portable outdoor partition could be the key.

The lineup at SelectSpace® is perfect for your crowd-control solutions in education settings. Our modular system is capable of adapting to your space with limitless configurations. From student events to lacrosse games to outdoor dining at universities, SelectSpace adapts to your specific needs. And with great add-ons such as custom graphic panels, gates, and planter stands, your crowd control system will never look so good.

Restaurant patio divider with planters and a custom logo panel
outdoor seating barriers with planters and a custom logo panel


There are many reasons why campuses may need partitions. Some possible reasons to consider as you plan out your crowd control needs include the following:

  1. Creating separate spaces for different activities or functions: For example, a campus may use portable partitions to divide a large multipurpose room into smaller areas for classes, meetings, or events. A lightweight, modular system can make this process very easy.

  2. To provide privacy or create a more intimate atmosphere for a VIP event: Putting a fence around your VIP group keeps them safe and gives individuals exclusivity. Being seen as "special" to others is a great feeling - especially to potential donors you might be entertaining.

  3. Improvements to safety or security: Since portable partitions can be moved around easily, they can quickly provide a means for safety and security that your current lineup could be missing. Do you have tailgating events at your weekend football games? Setting up a weather-proof partition will help section off specific areas that individuals should not have access to. Taking that big parking lot and partitioning it into smaller, more manageable sections can make your crowd control management 100% more efficient and manageable.

SelectSpace helps you create a more organized, functional, and comfortable space for your campus community.

University Fencing at Notre Dame


Every in education has its own needs, and we’re here to help you meet them. Built tough, our portable university partitions can easily be customized with your graphics, logos, and branding. We will follow the strict guidelines in your university style guide to ensure we stay on brand if you require custom colors and logo panels.


SelectSpace® Partitions gives you high-quality, rust-proof fence options that are built to last. Designed for effortless assembly, reconfiguration, and storage, our campus partitions, and divider walls are durable in the face of regular wear and tear. We carry 3-foot, 5-foot, and 7-foot partition panels available in different patterns, including modern circle perforations and a classic square weave design.


In addition to our fencing accessories, there are other items to consider when using our modular partition system for your crowd control needs. Some examples include picnic tables and benches, outdoor grills and fire pits, bike racks, and trash and recycling bins. These items are designed to be durable and long-lasting, as they will be used by many people on a daily basis. Our newest offering is the ShadowSpec® lineup of umbrellas. Do you offer outdoor dining on your campus? ShadowSpec umbrellas provide an immense amount of shade. We think the SU2 umbrella is the perfect option for college campuses. The SU2 is strong, durable, and easy for anyone to operate. It can also be custom-branded to match your university colors and branding. In addition, the SU2 umbrella fabric can be printed with your logo. The SU2 is the ultimate patio umbrella. It is small and sturdy and engineered for commercial use. Moreover, this will stand up strong as an outdoor umbrella on your campus. 


Additionally, many of these accessories are designed with a modern aesthetic in mind, so they can blend in with the overall design of the university campus.

Umbrellas for Univeristy Dining

Does Weather Affect the SelectSpace line?

Manufactured to prevent corrosion, our aluminum partitions are rustproof and up to the task of withstanding most types of inclement weather.


Can the Fence Be Personalized?


Yes. We offer a range of color-matching options as well as laser-engraving for a logo, school name, or desired text of your choosing. Laser-cut logos look great on sports broadcasts as individuals are shown to be having a great time.


How Are the University Partitions Assembled?


The straightforward assembly process requires one to two people and begins with unpacking and reading the manual. Most components are ready to use out of the box. That said, some stands require additional assembly. Determine where the stands are going to be placed before attaching to panels. Panels and stands attach easily with a spring push-button connection. With permanent mounting, bolt hole knockouts must be removed prior to bolting the base to the ground.


We understand that your students want an upscale campus life. That’s why we put such a strong emphasis on quality and modular design. SelectSpace® will fit in anywhere you need it blending perfectly into the surroundings. They instantly turn your space from "Wow" into "Wowza" all while controlling crowds in a responsible manner.


The experience and expertise we bring to outdoor crowd control design are second-to-none. At SelectSpace®, we are proud to provide a wide variety of styles, materials, and customization options from which you can choose the ideal setup for your university. Other schools such as the University of Chicago and Wheaton College have incorporated our product into their campus life with great results.

Find out more about our selection of portable outdoor fencing for colleges and universities and see what a difference it makes to work with the best. The SelectSpace® Partitions team is happy to walk you through the options and determine how to best meet your crowd control needs. Request a quote today!

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