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metal fence planters

The perfect complement to your outdoor seating area is an elegant metal fence planter mounted to new or existing metal partitions. SelectSpace Partitions offers a selection of custom cafe barrier planters that are both functional and eye-catching. We also offer hanging planters that easily attach to standard outdoor metal partitions, as well as planter stands that serve as panel supports.


In addition to being a sophisticated feature for your outdoor seating area, tall, square outdoor gate planters can serve an important function. Most local governments require partitions to separate outdoor dining spaces from pedestrian areas and also require any outdoor spaces serving alcohol to be completely enclosed. Metal partitions decorated with black metal hanging fence planters not only serve that purpose but also allow you to beautify the space with live plants. You can further customize your space by using a stand-alone black metal planter stand in place of a standard partition for a dramatic look or unique layout.


Like our metal partitions, our metal corner planter stands are made to be durable and easy to assemble while also enhancing the ambiance of your outdoor space. They are also rustproof. That’s important for your ambiance because not only is rusty metal ugly, but the rust will stain sidewalks and walkways. Whether you’re interested in black, rectangular metal planter stands or square patio planters, we have the right option for you. Learn more about our restaurant fence-mounted planters by contacting us today.

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