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commercial outdoor partition panels

SelectSpace Partitions offers durable partition panels that help you customize your outdoor seating area while adhering to your city’s regulations. All our products are designed for low maintenance and easy assembly.


SelectSpace Partitions carries a range of patio fencing panels to suit your needs. Choose from our 3-foot panels, 5-foot panels or 7-foot panels. Establish the unique look and feel of your outdoor seating area with our circle or square-weave panel patterns and highlight your brand with custom lasercut logo panels. We also provide patio fence gates for secure access, planter stands and hanging planters that allow you to make your outdoor space your own.


We want you to have attractive panels that create the perfect ambiance in your outdoor seating area, while also complying with local regulations for such spaces. While specific rules vary by location, most cities require a barrier if your space extends into a pedestrian walkway. Many cities also specify requirements for commercial partitions if alcohol is served at your establishment.


What makes SelectSpace products superior for outdoor seating applications? It’s all in our smart selections. In addition to being lightweight and removable, our outdoor partition panels are rustproof and designed to last. Browse our selection of patio fence panels, and contact us today to learn more.

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