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hotel partitions



Hotel partitions help to elevate the look and functionality of your hotel with modern look that will please any guest. Whether they’re used for crowd control, special events or sectioning off seating areas, our customizable hotel partitions have a variety of applications.


Ambiance is important in the hotel business, along with providing an optimal experience for guests and visiting patrons. Hotel barriers are a great way to improve the function of the common areas of your hotel while providing a sleek appearance.


Make guest check-in and -out easier and organized with lobby dividers. Create a secluded environment with hotel bar partitions and sectioned-off restaurant seating. When it comes to conferences, conventions and other special events, hotel fencing helps with crowd flow and wayfinding. This creates a comfortable and accommodating space.


Moreover, keep your brand front of mind when furnishing your lobby or hosting events. With SelectSpace® Partitions, you can customize hotel event dividers with a logo, name or graphic to add a more personal touch. Embrace the decorative aspect of these dividers by incorporating hanging or stand planters. Whatever way you choose to customize, our partitions are sure to make a visual impact.


As experts in designing and manufacturing partitioning systems, we know what our customers value and how to curate the best possible product. Our partitions are manufactured with quality and integrity in mind to ensure they are dependable and made to last. Built with low-maintenance, rust-proof aluminum and stainless steel, SelectSpace® barriers are durable and capable of withstanding indoor and outdoor conditions.


When it comes to partitioning space and all the purposes our barriers serve, one size does not fit all. We offer 3-, 5- and 7-foot panel options that can be mixed and matched to fit the needs of your area. They are also expertly designed with noise reduction qualities to provide the right amount of privacy while still promoting appropriate air flow. To ensure accessibility, all of our hotel partition options are lightweight and easy to assemble. This makes them effortless to arrange and reorganize, as necessary.


Hotels trust SelectSpace® Partitions for their divider needs because they can expect well-made products and expert service. We’ve manufactured our hotel barriers to be compliant with ADA accessibility and the most common sidewalk permit requirements.


Not sure where to start? Our professionals will work with you to evaluate what best fits the needs of the hotel. We can help you create a more organized and beautified lobby, event space, bar, restaurant and more.


With experience and professionalism, the experts at SelectSpace® Partitions can guide you through the process of selecting the right components for your layout. Get started today by requesting a quote and shopping our products.


Are hotel partitions weatherproof?


Yes! It is possible to use our partitions outside on your hotel patios, decks, balconies or other areas. Because they’re made of sustainable aluminum and stainless steel, they don’t rust or corrode.


Can they be easily removed or rearranged?


Yes! Our systems are designed to be either bolted to the ground or easily removed. To keep yours portable, simply leave the bolt hole knock-outs in place.


Can I get my hotel fencing customized?

Yes! We can laser-cut your logo, customize the panel width and pole height, match your logo/color scheme and even create custom patterns in some cases. Keep in mind that custom orders do take longer and require an excess cost.

Some of Our Hotel Partitions

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