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SU10 - Commercial Centre Pole Umbrella

Tough. Generous. Practical.

The SU10 Commercial Umbrella is engineered to be a hospitality operator's best friend. It works hard in a range of applications, al fresco dining, poolside at a resort or as a patio umbrella at a cafe. The SU10 is the ideal outdoor umbrella for commercial use thanks in part to its heavy-duty design and large sizes. When open the SU10 covers up its fair share of tables and creates a social environment that’s hard to match.


The key feature of the umbrella is the clever telescopic mast design which allows it to close over the top of standard height furniture below it. You won’t need to move your patio furniture every time you need to retract the canopy. Other products must reduce the shade coverage of the umbrella to compensate for the ability to close above the tables.


A custom branded SU10 makes a real statement on the footpath outside your cafe or restaurant. Print your logo and choose your color to drive brand awareness and customer loyalty. Also available in a range of standard colors, curated to provide options to stand out or blend into your surroundings.


The SU10 can be ordered with a traditional octagonal canopy or a square top providing even more design options. You could even consider mixing the two to create a dynamic, memorable experience for your patrons. 


Shadowspec provides a selection of installation options for your SU10 outdoor umbrella, A surface plate or in-ground anchor gives you the ability to have a permanent fixture at your venue. Our portable bases are designed for installations where you might shift your shade throughout the year to accommodate for the suns location variation.


The SU10 work great in sets and can be joined with a zip-on rain gutter. Create an outdoor room for your guests to enjoy no matter what the weather is. The SU10 is an industrial parasol that could be used as a market umbrella, providing shade to patrons at your food truck or even your stall for sales. The UV protection from our fabric will keep guests safe from the hot sun. When the clouds come together and the rain starts the SU10 is rated at an industry standard wind resistance and waterproof.

- Telescopic Mast to clear most furniture
- Commercial Crank Handle Deployment
- Marine-grade for long life
- Glass-filled nylon high-performance Hubs
- Stainless-steel Components

The Power to Change Your Shade

We have curated a thoughtful range of Sunbrella® fabrics that give you the flexibility to stand out or blend in with your surrounds. Each season we'll release a range of trend fabrics to take your space to the next level, available in custom colors.




Sunflower Yellow


Ocean Blue

Please inquire about other colors available!




Best-in-class Warranty

Sunbrella Fabric


We’re invested in quality and performance across our range of premium outdoor umbrellas and we’ve cut no corners with our choice of fabrics, passing on the 5-year manufacturer's fabric warranty to you. 


Quality Materials

In-house engineering enables attention to detail and a 3-year warranty on the frame, giving you peace of mind that your new shade umbrella will provide your space with shade long term.

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