outdoor brewery partitions


Make your brewery stand out with a welcoming outdoor dining space partitioned with high-quality panels from SelectSpace® Partitions. Our selection of outdoor brewery partitions gives you plenty of options for designing your space. Find out why we are the ideal partner for outdoor brewery fencing and more.


Customers like being outdoors. The open air offers a relaxing, congenial atmosphere for a brewery tasting or casual meal and cold drinks. Whatever the setting, outdoor brewery partitions can help your establishment define clear boundaries that are both functional and attractive.

Use our brewery partition system to guide customers through a tour of your brewery or as dividers for light outdoor crowd control that keeps patrons moving in the right direction. Offering an ideal balance of utility and appearance, outdoor brewery barriers help you create a memorable drinking or dining experience for your customers. Whatever the atmosphere, whether casual or upscale, SelectSpace® Partitions can help you create the best layout possible.


From food and alcohol establishments to outdoor festivals, SelectSpace® Partitions provides options that perform in any setting. We carry 3-foot, 5-foot and 7-foot panels that can be configured to maximize your space. And with modern circular perforations or classic square weave designs, you can create a look that supports your unique brand.

In addition to standard steel brewery partitions, we offer planters that serve as stand-alone segments or hang directly from your partition panels. Need a little additional control over access points? Check out our gate options for convenient and orderly solutions.

Whatever options you choose, you will always enjoy the high quality we insist on at SelectSpace®. Our knowledgeable staff members are eager to hear about your outdoor branded brewery fencing needs and to point you in the right direction. Contact us to learn more about our options and find out why SelectSpace® Partitions sets the bar for partition systems.


At SelectSpace®, we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we offer your business. Our panels and stands are made from rust-proof materials and designed for durability.  Assembling, removing, and re-configuring your outdoor brewery partitions is simple and quick with our push-button connection system.


Our partitions also are easily customized by laser cutting your brewery’s logo and/or branding into the panels. It’s smart marketing that builds brand awareness in an impactful way.


In addition to providing boundaries and light crowd control for your outdoor brew pub, the quality partitions from SelectSpace® also help you comply with local laws and regulations. Depending on where your outdoor brewery is located, you likely will be faced with rules governing how you can use the pedestrian walkways and where you can legally serve alcohol. SelectSpace® provides quality options that make it easier to comply with local requirements.

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