food truck partitions

Food trucks are dotting parking lots and parks across the country. They’re a huge opportunity for food vendors looking to reach a new customer base, but they also require good crowd control measures. At SelectSpace® Partitions, we help vendors use food truck partitions to get the most out of the limited ground space available to them.


Even a small space can be put to good use. It all depends on how you place your food truck barriers. Here are some practical applications:   


  • Crowd control- Ordering at a food truck can be as smooth as stepping into a brick-and-mortar restaurant if you use partitions to seamlessly funnel patrons to your order window and then on to a space where they can await their orders. It’s easier on you and reassuring to customers.

  • Dividers- “What line is this?” is the last question you want a frustrated customer to ask right before they give up and walk away. Metal food truck fences help define your space and distinguish it from that of nearby trucks.

  • Branding- Expand your brand into the waiting crowd by customizing your partition panels to include your food truck branding. SelectSpace makes it easy to incorporate logos and other graphics into your food truck dividers.

  • Atmosphere- Food truck vendors have more options than they might realize when it comes to managing the outdoor atmosphere. The right partitions help set the mood for your customers, whether that’s elegant and sectioned off or casual and open.

Whatever you choose to do with your food truck dividers, SelectSpace® Partitions can help you identify solutions that will work for you.


Just like your food truck itself, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for partitions. At SelectSpace® Partitions, we carry a variety of options to fit your needs. We offer 3-foot, 5-foot and 7-foot panels. And to help you customize your space, we provide design options including circular perforations and a square weave pattern.

While your food truck setup might be temporary, it doesn’t need to feel that way. We carry stand-alone and hanging planters to make your outdoor space feel more permanent and welcoming. Check out our online catalog of offerings.


Why do food truck vendors trust SelectSpace® for their partition needs? Our products are high-quality and add a touch of class to any setting. Rust-proof and decorative, they are perfect for light crowd control. Made for easy assembly, moving, and storage; SelectSpace® products help you adhere to any local outdoor business restrictions or codes while letting you make the temporary space your own by serving as customized food truck marketing.

Of course, many considerations go into selecting the perfect food truck partitions, and our customer service team is here to help. Contact SelectSpace® Partitions today to learn more.