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Behind the Scenes - Manufacturing SelectSpace Partitions

SelectSpace Partitions are proudly made in Cicero, IL (a suburb of Chicago), with a unionized workforce. Our skilled engineers, welders, machine operators, and assembly workers are the reason for the high quality of SelectSpace. Keep reading to get a behind-the-scenes look at their process and how our products are made!


We Start With Aluminum and Stainless Steel

Blank sheets and tubes of metal arrive at our Chicago facility, ready to be turned into panels, planters, and stands.

Sheets of raw metal


All of our panels are made from single sheets of 1/8th inch thick aluminum! Each flat sheet gets run through a turret press or a laser cutter to create the hole pattern and shape the edges.

Flat partition panel with holes cut out

Next, the flat sheets are sent to our press brakes, and the edges are bent to form the channels that the stand arms slide into.

A press brake and formed panels

Then the fully formed, raw panels are stored in our warehouse until they are ready to be powder coated.

Formed raw panels stored on a pallet


The 5' and 7' panels can have a laser-cut logo or graphic cut into the center. These panels are all stored raw until a laser-cut order is placed. After the logo is cut, the panels are sent out for powder-coating, like all the other components.

Raw panels with lasercut logos


Because the stands and bases aren't made from one solid piece of metal like the panels, they require welding. A good weld is essential for the stability and longevity of the stands!

Partition Stand Components


Our Square Planter Stand has eight different variations, so we keep the tops, bottoms, support arms, and sides stocked and assemble them once an order is placed.

Planter Stand Components

The same goes for the Rectangle Planter Stands. Once we have an order, our assembly team pulls all the different parts they need and assembles each planter by hand.

Planter Stand Assembly


Black and gray are our stock colors and can generally ship within a week. Since we also keep components raw (plain metal) in stock, we powder-coat in-house to any of our standard colors or color-match a specific color.

Powdercoating examples

All our parts have a two-layer powder coat: the first layer is an exterior-grade color, and the second is a clear, UV-protective topcoat.


Final Assembly & Packaging

Each component is boxed individually for better protection during both storage and shipping.

Final assembly


After final assembly and packaging, the components are palletized and either placed in our warehouse or shipped off to the customer!

Boxes and warehousing

Saving the best for last - Final assembly on location!

Once the shipments arrive, customers unbox and assemble them on-site (it's super easy, all the hardware and tools you need are included).

Sidewalk patio examples

We proudly make SelectSpace Partitions here in the USA with unionized workers. Our factories are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and committed to manufacturing the best possible products.


Have any questions about SelectSpace? We'd love to hear from you!

Browse our gallery to see how customers nationwide use SelectSpace for their outdoor patios!



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