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outdoor cafe fencing

Outdoor cafe fencing can make a lasting impression on your customers. Give them something to remember and Instagrammbale with a modular solution from SelectSpace® Partitions. Our dividers are made for durability and are designed to be an inviting addition to your outdoor space. Find out why SelectSpace® Partitions is an industry favorite for quality, classy outdoor cafe fencing options.


At SelectSpace® Partitions, we’ve built an impressive list of products to serve virtually any outdoor cafe fencing requirements. We carry partition panels in 3-foot, 5-foot, and 7-foot sizes so you can maximize whatever space you have. Panels are available with eye-catching patterns, including modern circular and classic square weave motifs.


SelectSpace® Partitions understands that atmosphere and ambiance mean everything to outdoor cafe customers. To help you set the perfect mood, we offer options such as hanging planters to add a touch of greenery to your cafe fencing. We also carry planter stands that integrate seamlessly with the panels for a more substantial installation. Add the finishing touches to your space with our gate sets, umbrellas, and custom laser-cut logo options.


We’re here to ensure you get the outdoor cafe partitions that will make the most of your space, and our team is eager to walk you through all the options available.



In many ways, your outdoor eating space is the face of your restaurant. It draws customers to your establishment and can keep them coming back time after time. It makes sense to put your best foot forward in defining this space. Here are just a few reasons SelectSpace® Partitions should be your first and last stop for outdoor cafe fencing needs:


  • Personality — Our options make customization a snap. Whether you’re looking to place a logo, design or other branding on your partitions, we’ve got you covered.

  • Integrity — Outdoor fencing looks great, but it also serves an important function. That’s why our components are rust-proof, durable and made to last in harsh outdoor conditions.

  • Convenience — We understand that your outdoor seating needs will change over time, which is why our products are designed for easy assembly and reconfiguration.

  • Permits — In most jurisdictions, outdoor seating must be enclosed if it adjoins a pedestrian walkway. And for cafes that offer alcoholic beverages, enclosure requirements can be strict. Check out our permitting information to learn more.


We’re as proud of our products and customer service as we are eager for your cafe to thrive. For sensible, durable and impressive outdoor cafe fencing, SelectSpace® Partitions is the ideal partner. Contact us to learn more about our selection of outdoor cafe fencing options and how they can work for your space. Request a quote or design assistance today. We’re happy to help.

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