system overview

click on each component below for details

removeable restaurant sidewalk partition fence barrier stand outdoor aluminum
Fence and partition panel for outdoor sidewalk cafes restaurants
Planters for outdoor sidewalk cafes and restaurants

quick & easy assembly


simple fast removable partition stand base

slide the pole over the base insert

be sure to line up the screw holes in the pole and the base insert

quick easy assembly put together outdoor fence stand

using the included wrench, screw the pole into the base

don't overtighten

quick easy assembly put together outdoor fence post base

stand assembly is complete!

planter stands come fully assembled


modular removable sidewalk restaurant fence stands

assemble all the stands and place them in the correct positions around your space

temporary or permanent sidewalk fence partition barrier

for permanent mounting only!

    using a screwdriver

  & hammer, tap out the

bolt hole knockouts


quick easy to assemble and disassemble oudoor barrier fence barricade


easy to assemble and removable sidewalk fences barriers partitions

slide the panels onto the stand support arms, working one at a time

press in the spring snap-button before sliding the panel flush against the support stand  

make sure the spring snap-button pops back out into the panel hole


easy modular temporary outdoor fence barrier
temporary portable removable outdoor seating partitions

continue attaching panels until your partition system is complete

level the stands by screwing or unscrewing the leg levelers as needed

they may be removed entirely if desired


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