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Shadowspec SU2 - Cafe & Resort Umbrella

Market Umbrellas for Every Space

The Shadowspec SU2 Cafe & Resort Umbrella is strong, durable, and easy for anyone to operate. Stand out from the crowd with a custom branded market umbrella. The SU2 can be branded with your logo and colors to increase brand awareness and drive customer loyalty. The SU2 is the ultimate patio umbrella. It is small and sturdy, and engineered for commercial use. Moreover, this will stand up strong as an outdoor umbrella for your home.


Cafe and restaurant customers will always gravitate to sitting outside if they can. Develop a space that protects patrons from the elements with a sun umbrella. They’ll stay longer and spend more. The SU2 umbrella is the perfect parasol for cafe’s. Create a variety of seating arrangements and shift them with the seasons to compensate for the sun's location. Take advantage of unused spaces around your property, by adding partitions, new tables and customize a venue that everyone will enjoy and want to return to.


Hospitality owners & managers are busy people, always looking for a way to improve the quality of their venue, lower costs and increase patron satisfaction. Giving your customers a quality shade product will achieve all of these goals. By purchasing a set of SU2 umbrellas you’ll be able to replace your disposable wooden umbrellas with a quality product that’s built to last under repetitive use. The yearly cycle of replacing the umbrellas that haven’t lasted a season will end. Staff will also spend less time maintaining your umbrellas over their lifetime.


The SU2 also makes an excellent market umbrella, great for barbecues, protecting products, and temporary pop-up eateries. Here’s an idea, Pair a set of portable umbrella bases and a selection of custom branded SU2s with a food truck and create a premium eating experience and don’t forget custom branding to grow brand awareness. The commercial-strength pole has either a 1.5" or 2" (38 or 48mm) diameter, one-piece pole with 0.100" - 0.118" (2.5-3.0mm) wall thickness and glass-filled nylon high-performance hubs and brackets for extra strength.


Commercial cafe umbrellas are necessary for hospitality providers as they are used on a daily basis to provide shade 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

- Stylish, resilient, and individual
- Simple and easy to open and close 
- A heavy-duty double pulley system
- Commercial-grade pulley rope
- Marine-grade anodized aluminum frame and pole
- Stainless-steel fastenings and components
- Twelve Week Lead Time; 10 Piece Minimum

The Power to Change Your Shade

We have curated a thoughtful range of Sunbrella® fabrics that give you the flexibility to stand out or blend in with your surrounds. Each season we'll release a range of trend fabrics to take your space to the next level, available in custom colors.

Black Widow.jpg


Rich Red.jpg

Rich Red

Lemon Yellow.jpg

Lemon Yellow

Cobalt Blue.jpg

Cobalt Blue

Please inquire about other colors available!


Best-in-class Warranty

Sunbrella Fabric


We’re invested in quality and performance across our range of premium outdoor umbrellas and we’ve cut no corners with our choice of fabrics, passing on the 2-year manufacturer's fabric warranty to you. 


Quality Materials

In-house engineering enables attention to detail and a 4-year warranty on the frame, giving you peace of mind that your new shade umbrella will provide your space with shade long term.

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