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Partitions and Accessories for All Your Outdoor Dining Needs

Transforming Downtown Districts with Modular Fencing Solutions

At SelectSpace Partitions, we understand the pulse of municipalities and the significance of creating inviting, aesthetically pleasing downtown districts. Our modular fencing solutions are infinitely expandable with moveable arms and powder coating, which aims to beautify the area, increase tax revenue through patronage at local shops, and enhance the community's overall landscape by creating a warm and vibrant space.

Close up of a black fence in chicago on a sidewalk
Grey fence with a modern hex pattern

Empowering Municipalities for Vibrant Downtown Transformation

At SelectSpace Partitions, we recognize the pivotal role of sidewalk cafes in the success and vitality of local restaurants within downtown districts. Our modular fencing solutions and umbrellas offer many advantages that benefit local eateries, contributing to their growth and sustainability.

Expansion of Dining Capacity

Sidewalk cafes, facilitated by our modular partitions, allow restaurants to expand their dining capacity beyond indoor spaces. This additional outdoor seating area accommodates more patrons, effectively increasing the community's revenue potential and tax growth. By creating an inviting alfresco dining experience, restaurants expand their customer base, boosting sales, profitability, and tax revenues.

Enhanced Ambiance and Customer Experience

The ambiance of a sidewalk patio contributes significantly to the overall dining experience. Our partitions offer a defined, aesthetically pleasing space that separates diners from the bustling street, creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment. This ambiance encourages longer dining durations, fostering a friendly atmosphere that attracts regulars and newcomers.

Community Engagement and Local Charm

Sidewalk eateries contribute to the cultural fabric of downtown districts, fostering a sense of community and social interaction. As restaurants spill out onto the sidewalks, it revitalizes the area, making it more inviting and charming. This communal setting encourages foot traffic, benefiting the restaurant and local businesses. Imagine shopping in a boutique clothing store, then going to dine al fresco next door. It's something every municipality can aspire to.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Our modular fencing system allows restaurants to modify their outdoor spaces as needed. Whether it's to accommodate larger crowds during events, adjust seating arrangements, or create privacy for diners, the adaptability of our partitions allows for quick and hassle-free reconfiguration according to the restaurant's evolving requirements.

Compliance and Safety

Safety and compliance are paramount in creating sidewalk cafes. Our system meets ADA standards and can easily incorporate gates - a requirement for many local communities to serve alcohol. This ensures a secure and controlled dining environment for patrons dining while complying with local standards. Municipalities and restaurants can trust our solutions to provide patrons with a safe and compliant space.

Collaborative Support

At SelectSpace Partitions, we believe in partnering with local governments to understand the unique needs of their downtown district. When we work with a municipality, our team offers professional guidance and support in selecting the parts needed for their area. Typically, government officials come to us to standardize a popular city block to ensure the aesthetics of each establishment are top-notch with the vision of the city planner. The beauty of our system is that we can mix and match based on the individual's needs. If you want different colors for each establishment, we can do that. Or thousands of feet of a gray square weave pattern is also possible. Our project manager will support you from the initial quote up to delivery.

a black selectspace fence outside of Pippin's Tavern. Chicago

Why Municipalities Choose SelectSpace Partitions

Streamlined Aesthetics

Our modular fence system offers a sleek, contemporary design that seamlessly blends with the architecture of downtown areas. The customizable colors ensure we meet the needs of the local municipality. We can even laser-cut logos into our system, enabling city officials to integrate these partitions as an extension of their cultural identity.

Facilitating Local Business Growth

By creating easily adaptable sidewalk cafes and delineated spaces, our partitions help local businesses thrive. These partitions encourage the use of outdoor spaces, enhancing the local economy and providing a vibrant atmosphere for customers.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

Crafted with lightweight aluminum, our fencing system ensures easy installation, durability, and long-term reliability. The low maintenance requirement saves time and resources, making it an ideal solution for municipal authorities looking for sustainable and practical urban development.

Modular Flexibility

The flexibility of our modular system allows for easy reconfiguration, ensuring that downtown areas can adapt to evolving needs. Whether expanding outdoor dining spaces or creating event fencing, our partitions can be adjusted swiftly and efficiently. Restaurant owners can buy more of our product directly to expand their space while meeting local officials' codes.

Compliance with Quality Standards

SelectSpace Partitions strictly adhere to ADA standards, ensuring our fencing solutions meet regulations. Municipalities can trust our products to enhance public spaces securely and competently.

Collaborative Partnerships

We believe in fostering strong relationships with municipal decision-makers, architects, and urban planners. Our team works closely with government officials to understand the unique requirements of each downtown district, offering tailored solutions and professional support throughout the implementation process.

A Black selectspace square weave fence in Florida

Transform Your Downtown Today

By choosing SelectSpace Partitions, municipalities can journey towards revitalizing downtown districts, fostering a sense of community, and supporting local businesses. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and collaborative partnerships ensures that your vision for a vibrant downtown area becomes a reality.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation about how our modular fencing solutions can elevate your downtown district and set the stage for a thriving, dynamic community. Begin your transformation today!

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