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ordering tips

Measure YOUR Space

  • create a sketch or use a drawing of your space and measure all the areas where partitions are needed

be sure to mark entrance/exit areas and the locations of planters/lasercut panels if desired

  • match your dimensions by combining our different panel, stand, and planter stand options

single 3' panel: 32"

single 5' panel: 56"

single 7' panel: 80"

stand pole: 2"x 2"

stand base: 10" x 10"

square planter body width: 8"x 8"

rectangle planter body width: 8" x 32"

    *please read this blog post for helpful information on selecting components for partition stability

  • record the total number of each type of panel, stand, and planter stand* needed

if you need assistance with this, please submit a quote request form and include your drawing with measurements

     *please read the planters info section here if you want planter stands

Place YOUR Order

  • using your layout drawing as reference, select the correct components from the online shop

double-check that the stand types and panel lengths match  your drawing

make sure you have selected the correct colors, laser-cut options, and planter top options

   *for more info on the laser-cutting process, click here

  • make sure the delivery address is correct and provide an on-site contact name and number for the person who will accept the delivery

be sure to choose liftgate service if needed and notify us if you have any special delivery requirements

shipping & delivery

  • most orders will ship LTL freight- due to the nature of freight shipping, delivery time windows may not be completely accurate

have someone on location during the expected delivery window to receive the shipment. If no one is there, the delivery can not be completed ​

  • before accepting the shipment, check it thoroughly for shipping damage

document any issues on the paperwork BEFORE the driver leaves and take photos

contact us right away if there is any shipping damage

download additional shipping information here


read the instruction manual before assembling any components

*the wrench is not needed for planter stands

  • assemble the pole stands and then place all stands in their correct spots BEFORE attaching panels

once the stands have been placed, attach the panels starting at either the middle or a corner

double-check the position of your partitions during assembly- it is easier to adjust the positioning before the system is fully assembled

- if you are permanently mounting your system, remove the bolt hole knock-outs and attach all the panels BEFORE bolting any bases into the ground-

  • enjoy your new outdoor partition system!


  • circle top cut-out planters are designed for a potted plant to sit inside the top cut-out

no other soil or fillers are required

  • square & rectangle top cut-out planters are designed to be completely filled using filler and soil

fillers use up a lot of the empty space, leaving room for soil and plants at the top


click here for more information on the differences between planter tops

Shipping & Delivery
Square planters showing the circle top cut-out is for plant pots while the square top cut-out is for traditional planting
Rectangle planters showing the circles top cut-out is for plant pots while the rectangle top cut-out is for traditional planting
Illustration of how traditional large-planter planting works
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