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crowd control fencing

Crowd control fencing is necessary for any small, medium, or large-scale event you are putting on. Being able to contain groups of people can determine whether or not you will have a successful event. In addition, crowd control barriers keep your patrons safe by providing space between them and areas they should not be. But most fencing could be more exciting when used in this setting. Instead, it is often ugly and industrial-looking, which does not match most gatherings. It also looks very industrial, which may not be the right look you want, especially if you are putting on a high-end event or festival.

Modern Crowd Control Fencing at a Restaurant.


That’s where SelectSpace Partitions comes in. We have created a modern take on crowd-control fencing that you will love. It starts with premium materials – aluminum and stainless steel. By elevating the materials used in crowd control, you take your event, festival, and VIP experience to the next level. This combination also makes our fencing system lightweight but sturdy enough to stand up to event comers. Next, because we created a modular system with easy-to-slide-in push pin locking, it allows you to arrange and rearrange your space quickly and as often as you want. You are no longer limited to one setup for your crowd-control barrier needs! Request a quote today for your crowd control fencing needs. Or shop online 24/7!

Blue crowd control barriers

FAQ For Crowd Control Fencing


Are partitions weatherproof?


Yes. Because our partitions are made almost entirely of sustainable aluminum, there’s no rusting or corroding.


Are they sturdy?


Yes. Although they are not made to be sat on as furniture or used to hold heavy objects, they are able to stand up to ongoing crowd control use, including repeated assembly/disassembly.


Can they be easily removed/rearranged?


Yes. We’ve designed all the components to be lightweight and easy to move, so you can assemble and disassemble as you like.


Are they customizable?


We can customize panel widths and pole heights, but keep in mind that custom orders incur a higher cost and longer wait time (typically two to four weeks). We also can custom-make powder-coating colors to match a fabric swatch, should you desire.

mden black fence outside a restaurant
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