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nightclub barriers

If you own or work at a nightclub, you know the struggle of maintaining an outdoor area. Now, with SelectSpace® Partitions, you don’t have to settle for clutter and chaos. We give you the fixed queue barriers you need to make your outdoor waiting and dining areas comfortable and organized. Our range of outdoor nightclub partitions makes us the perfect choice for sprucing up your space. Find out why SelectSpace® Partitions should be your first and only stop for quality custom club barriers. Get a quote today!

Removable outdoor crowd control dividers


SelectSpace® Partitions has helped many businesses get the most out of their outdoor spaces. From the ground up, we take pride in what we can offer you.


  • Quality-  SelectSpace® Partitions are made to last. With rust-proof and durable construction, our products are perfectly suited for the wear and tear that comes with heavy use outside a nightclub.

  • Customization-  If you’ve invested in your nightclub’s interior, why not own your outdoor space as well? Our panels, stands and line control barriers can be easily customized with a logo or other branding. It’s a great way to make a first and lasting impression.

  • Assembly- The lights are off and the crowds have gone home. Sometimes, that means it’s time to pack up your outdoor space for the night. Our queue barriers are easily assembled, disassembled and rearranged to make your job that much easier.

  • Compliance- You already know the red tape that comes with operating a nightclub. You also know that outdoor regulations are just as strict as (and in some cases more than) inside. Our queue management barriers help you comply with local requirements related to public walkways and outdoor alcohol sales.


Quality partitions and queue control barriers can transform the outdoor area for your nightclub, but bar and nightclub partitions are just a few of the many offerings of SelectSpace® Partitions. We specialize in products for use in any establishment with open-air seating and crowd control needs. From permanent outdoor cafes to ad hoc public gatherings, SelectSpace® Partitions will steer you in the right direction and ensure your business has what it needs to optimize its space.

We carry 3-foot, 5-foot and 7-foot club patio fencing options with circular perforations or square weave patterns. Whether it’s the back of the line or at the front door, our stands and gates never fail to impress. If your nightclub includes an outdoor seating area, consider sprucing it up with decorative planters. We carry both hanging models and planter stands that rest directly on the ground.

Outdoor seating partitions with planters


Whatever your seating, waiting or dining needs are, SelectSpace® Partitions has the right product for you. Our helpful staff are happy to help you make the best possible selection from our queue barrier systems. Contact us to learn more about our products and to see how quality partitions can help you re-imagine your outdoor space. Get a quote today!



Are partitions weatherproof?


Yes, they are made from sustainable aluminum and stainless steel, so there’s no rusting or corroding.


Can they be easily removed/rearranged?


Yes! All SelectSpace bases come with bolt hole knock-outs, made to be removed, so you can bolt the bases to the ground. To keep your system removable, simply leave the knock-outs in place.


Are they customizable?


Yes! Because we make all SelectSpace components in-house, we can modify dimensions to your needs, match the color scheme of your facility and add a logo. Note, however, that custom orders do require a longer lead time (between two and six weeks), as well as extra cost.

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