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Shadowspec Unity™
The Evolution of Shade

A New Shade of Class

The Shadowspec Unity™ has been crafted with premium-grade aluminum and stainless steel to provide you with an umbrella that stands up and stands out. Every component has been designed and engineered to survive in the wild. Taking inspiration from nature, this flagship model is easy to open, looks stunning, and works well to shade any outdoor setting. It’s an outdoor shade solution perfect for hospitality or home.

The Shadowspec Unity™ sits squarely (or octagonally) in a class of its own - an ingenious deployment system with no internal moving parts, or cables to break and best of all, no antiquated crank handles.

With the variety of configurations available from the 8-foot (2.5m) cantilever umbrella all the way through to an 11.5-feet (3.5m) cantilever umbrella, you can be sure your space will be covered. The 9-foot (3m) Quattro offers shade coverage of 20' x 20' (6m x 6m).

The patented ShadowGlide™ system allows you to open or close the Unity™ in 3 seconds, and the strengthened, reinforced mast has a modular design to allow the mounting of up to 4 canopies, giving you the ability to maximize coverage and the flexibility to create shade where you need it.

You’ll continue to be inspired by this brilliant, modern, and modular outdoor shade umbrella. The needle-shifting features get better with every open. 

- Innovative, modular, and exclusive
- Effortless protection for prestigious spaces
- Manufactured from marine-grade aluminum
- Exclusive stainless steel componentry
- Heat treated to maximize structural strength
- Modular cantilever shade that covers up to 386 sq feet
- Mount up to 4 canopies off one mast




The Power to Change Your Shade

We have curated a thoughtful range of Sunbrella® fabrics that give you the flexibility to stand out or blend in with your surrounds. Each season we'll release a range of trend fabrics to take your space to the next level, available in custom colors.

Black Widow.jpg



Captain Navy

Please inquire about other colors available!

Patent-Pending Technology

Shadowspec's industry leading umbrellas draw from over 25 years of shade experience to provide you with the world's best outdoor cantilever umbrella. The patented designs are fully integrated to create a seamless, stylish and functional aesthetic with marine-grade durability.



Hand-Built to Last

Gas-assisted, anti-gravity, easy lift. Shadowlift™ is the most advanced umbrella deployment system in the industry. Lift your world of shade with ease. There's no need for cables, pullies or other internal moving parts with the ShadowLift™. These parts, which are often the first to break on an outdoor umbrella, are gone from our world-leading design. Instead, we've used years of research and development to implement a gas-strut that does the work for you. The muscle behind the system assists you by taking the weight of the umbrella to give you a helping hand as you slide the umbrella up or down. With less strain on the umbrella, you'll be enjoying shade for years to come.



Up & Down In 3 Seconds

Using calculated geometry and expert engineering the sliding mechanism works in complete harmony to open or close your umbrella in five seconds. ShadowGlide™ is the patented carriage system which tracks the length of the mast when deploying your Unity™ umbrella. ShadowGlide™ utilizes 9 different wheels which contact on the front and back of the internal extrusion channel, unlike other umbrella systems which have a single roller. ShadowGlide™ has a patented internal auto locking system, which locks the canopy at the correct height. A simple depress of the button is all that is required to glide the umbrella back down to its stored position. Intuitive, time-saving and far superior to awkward locking procedures which could slip if not tightened.



Follow The Sun

​Integrated into the mast of the umbrella, Shadowlock™ is a functional solution to wind-protection and 360 degree umbrella rotation. ​​The ShadowLock™ system is activated via a push catch mechanism which deploys your Shadowspec Unity™ Umbrella. From here you can rotate your umbrella with ease to follow the sun as it moves across the sky. The base has 8 different locking positions for robust placement allocation. In addition to facilitating full rotation of the umbrella, the ShadowLock™ also features a clever security and fastening component to ensure your umbrella stays where you want it to.



The Power of Light

The flagship umbrellas have built in LED lights in the central hub, controlled with an optional rechargeable smart battery and phone app. ​We've developed a very clever smart-battery that is controlled via the new Shadowspec App. The lighting system provides a bright light that can be used for reading or dimmed down to evoke a classy mood. The app comes with some great tools such as: - Auto timer functions - Dimmable - Countdown timer - On/ Off - Link multiple umbrellas and lights The Shadowhub features a built-in  48 LED light. Running off of a powerful Lithium smart battery provides light between 4-8 hours depending on the brightness setting you choose. The umbrellas can be wired up to run off mains for commercial settings.

Best-in-class Warranty

Sunbrella Fabric

10-Year Warranty Image

We’re invested in quality and performance across our range of premium outdoor umbrellas and we’ve cut no corners with our choice of fabrics, passing on the 10-year manufacturer's fabric warranty to you. 

6 Year Frame Warranty Icon

Quality Materials

In-house engineering enables attention to detail and a 6-year warranty on the frame, giving you peace of mind that your new shade umbrella will provide your space with shade long term.

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