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By helping to define your outdoor restaurant space, partition stands draw in customers and comply with local laws and regulations. SelectSpace Partitions offers high-quality stands that enable you to customize your outdoor dining area with style. Browse our selection and find out how partition stands can add a much-needed structural element to your business.


Your outdoor eating space is the most visible part of your restaurant. Use the opportunity to set an appealing tone and ambiance, whether for an outdoor eating and drinking space or a sunny and relaxing coffee spot. In addition to establishing a welcoming atmosphere, outdoor partition stands act as physical barriers between your customers and the public, and are typically required by local ordinance. For example, many regulations require a clearance of at least 6 feet for a pedestrian walkway adjacent to a sidewalk café. Learn more about common walkway regulations on our permits page.


At SelectSpace Partitions, we carry an assortment of partition stands and accessories, such as corner stands, planter stands and mountable planters. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our products and how we can help you create an outdoor seating area that works for both you and your guests.


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