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fence panel widths and heights

Partitions and Accessories for All Your Outdoor Dining Needs

When selecting the ideal fence panel heights and widths for your commercial patio, it's essential to consider aesthetics, functionality, and durability. With SelectSpace, you're not just getting an ordinary fence – you're investing in a modular, flexible system designed to elevate your establishment's allure, meet your practical needs, and grow with you over time. Let's evaluate all our panel heights and widths that will help you create a killer patio set-up.  


What Fence Panel Heights and Widths Do You Offer?

Let's talk about dimensions. Our fence panels heights and widths come in various heights and widths to suit different spaces and preferences. Our product line will deliver if you envision a sleek, modern barrier for your space. Our four-panel sizes are:

  • 3', 29.5" tall by 32" long. It weighs eight lbs.

  • 4', 29.5" tall by 44" long. It weighs ten lbs.

  • 5', 29.5" tall by 56" long. It weighs twelve lbs.

  • 7', 29.5" tall by 80" long. It weighs sixteen lbs.


When assembled, the tops of the panels are 34" off the ground, and the tops of the stands and planter stands are 36". Using the leg levelers may add a small amount to the height (less than 1/2 inch). Adding other elements, such as planter stands or planter boxes, provides individuals ample options for creating the desired level of enclosure and intimacy for your outdoor dining area. For further information on dimensions, check out our system overview.

Flowers in green planter stand.jpg
Three Hands Meads, Plant City FL 4.jpg

Panel Thickness

Each panel starts as a flat aluminum sheet in the 3003 alloy. All the sheets start as 4' x 8' before they are processed through one of our two laser cutters and are 0.102" thick (10 gauge). It is cut down to the proper dimensions depending on the panel size in the field.

Since all of our products are made from aluminum and stainless steel, you can elevate your eco-friendly initiatives while enhancing the functionality of your outdoor space. One of the best aspects of metal Made in the USA is that it's clean, uses responsible production methods to limit pollution, and is infinitely recyclable.


In addition, our flexible fence system can accommodate several "green" applications that are popping up across the US – including fencing around EV Chargers, parking lot barriers, food trucks, municipalities, universities, and more.


Can I Use The Panel By Itself?

The answer to this question is…maybe. While we currently don't offer to hang your panels on the wall, we know several of our customers do. The reason is – they look like a work of art. If you choose a laser-cut logo option panel, it becomes this unique, one-of-a-kind piece. And it's an easy way to store your fence in the off-season (if you have one). It's one of the many reasons our fence system is so flexible.

hanging wall art (1).jpg

Remember – Stands or Planters!

While this flexible fence panel can be used independently (as we just discussed), most will want to use it as a fence. All of our panels need a post or planter to stay in place. Our stands have moveable arms to maneuver in multiple directions and easily create corners. And planters add such a beautiful touch to any space. And here's a pro tip – you can even put fake flowers in them so you don't have to worry about watering them (don't worry, we won't tell anyone). Pro tip two: All our posts and planters come with knock-out holes so they can be bolted to the ground for a permanent solution if required.

What If I Need Something Taller or a Unique Pattern?

Depending on the qty or size of the order, we can create a different and unique pattern or size that meets your vision. Any bespoke options you are looking for/require will have an increased lead time over our in-stock offerings and require a minimum order quantity to run. The MOQ is not set and will vary. Please fill out our custom quote form to start the conversation with one of our patio professionals.


Knowing your fence panels and widths is essential when choosing the perfect patio fence for your restaurant. It ensures that you know what exactly will work for your space. With 3', 5', and 7' options, our product line can easily fit patios of any size. And, since the partitions are flexible and modular, you can continually expand your patio or rearrange it when you get bored with your last design. There aren't many solutions that do that. So, what are you waiting for? Ready to transform your patio into a culinary oasis? Contact us today for a free quote.


Panel Size Metric Conversion Chart

  • 7 Feet = 2.032 meters long x 0.750 tall

  • 5 Feet = 1.422 meters long x 0.750 tall

  • 4 Feet = 1.118 meters long x 0.750 tall

  • 3 Feet = 0.813 meters long x 0.750 tall

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