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Shadowspec Retreat™

Wall Mounted and Effortless Shade

Clever Shade For Compact Spaces

The Shadowspec Retreat™ is built from sleek, modern materials. We’ve handpicked the world’s best to ensure longevity. Anodized Aluminum and 316 Stainless Steel work harmoniously with our in-house design philosophy. These are just some of the reasons to select a Shadowspec umbrella.

The Wall Mounted Umbrella is perfect for interesting spaces. Think laneways, spa pools, nooks, and balconies. These spaces don’t have room for umbrellas to encroach upon the floor plan. A wall-mounted umbrella will provide maximum shade with minimum intrusion.

Included Protection Cover

It’s important to us that your Shadowspec Retreat is protected from the elements, and we’ve included the protection cover with the Retreat to protect your shade investment.

Tilt, Rotate, and Extend Your way to the Perfect Shade

The sun moves throughout the day and the Shadowspec Retreat’s built-in tilt positions enable maximum shade, all day long. Combined with the rotation and extension functions, the Retreat is ready to deliver quality shade all day.

- Sublime Outdoor Living
- High-performance Shade 
- Versatile, refined sun protection
- Exclusive 316 stainless steel components
- Clever Shade for Compact Spaces

The Power to Change Your Shade

We have curated a thoughtful range of Sunbrella® fabrics that give you the flexibility to stand out or blend in with your surrounds. Each season we'll release a range of trend fabrics to take your space to the next level, available in custom colors.




Black and White





Please inquire about other colors available!

Patent-Pending Technology

Shadowspec's industry leading umbrellas draw from over 25 years of shade experience to provide you with the world's best outdoor cantilever umbrella. The patented designs are fully integrated to create a seamless, stylish and functional aesthetic with marine-grade durability.

Shadowspec Retreat Shadow Lift.png


Hand-Built to Last

Gas-assisted, anti-gravity, easy lift. Shadowlift™ is the most advanced umbrella deployment system in the industry. Lift your world of shade with ease.
Shadowspec Retreat Shadowroll.png


Smooth Operator

Integrated roller allows smooth deployment.
Shadowspec Retreat Shadowtilt.png


Follow The Sun

Shade for all sun positions throughout the day.
Shadowspec Retreat Shadowreach.png


To The Max

Extend for maximum shade all day.

Best-in-class Warranty


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