sidewalk cafe barriers

Partitions and Accessories for All Your Outdoor Dining Needs

Giving your restaurant outdoor seating is the perfect way to take advantage of warmer weather and extend dining areas. With that in mind, SelectSpace® Partitions offers a variety of customizable cafe barrier systems, great for creating highly functional and attractive seating spaces. These cafe planter barriers can enhance your location’s outdoor appeal in the most advantageous way for the business.


Black branded cafe barriers are ideal for keeping patrons safe and distanced from pedestrians, while eating outdoors. Use them to separate seating areas from nearby sidewalks and passersby. This enhances the overall dining experience and also improves crowd flow and line forming for your restaurant. Define the patio area with partitions branded with the restaurant’s logo. If the establishment is in an area that requires sidewalk partitions, our products can help you adhere to local permit regulations.


The bottom line is that outdoor cafe fencing is a big asset for restaurants. Enhance the dining experience for customers, and let us create custom outdoor partitions that are catered to you.

Hotel restaurant outdoor seating dividers with planters and flowers


What’s great about our outdoor cafe dividers is not only that they are high-quality, rust-proof and able to meet most permitting requirements; they’re also customizable and ready to feature a business logo, graphic or other design. While well-made barriers are an asset even without personalization, the customization factor makes them good for branding and beautification too. Creating custom partitions is a great way to set your patio apart and make a statement to patrons. In fact, if your outdoor seating area is in front of the restaurant, custom-made partitions can also boost curb appeal and improve the restaurant’s first impression.


Made to be durable through everyday wear and tear, SelectSpace® sidewalk cafe barriers are available in panels of three, five or seven feet. They’re also easy to assemble, reconfigure and store.

sidewalk cafe outdoor seating with planter partitions


When you’re looking for the kind of outdoor partitions that can add both functionality and aesthetic value to a patio, SelectSpace® is the place to go. We’re the company that creates sidewalk cafe partitions that are low-maintenance, lightweight, rust-proof and able to last with your business. We make them as modular components, so you can arrange them exactly as desired. They’re also easy to assemble, giving great flexibility and the option to move them when needed. Best of all, we’re the partition provider that offers a variety of customization options, which means we can create exactly the look you want.


Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or want to talk about ideas, reach out to us. Count on our experts to help you see the potential in your patio. We’ll find ways to organize and beautify the space to create an incredible ambience for customers and value for the restaurant.


Are cafe partitions weatherproof?


Yes! Everything’s made of sustainable aluminum except the stainless-steel planter and stand bases. This means no rusting or corroding, whether in sun, wind or rain.


Are they easy to put together?


Yes! We’ve made our partitions to be super easy to use. You’ll need two people, but all you have to do to assemble them is connect panels and stands together.


Can I move them to another place after installing?


Yes! Our partitions have bolt hole knock-outs that can be removed when you want to relocate your system.


Are they customizable?


Yes, we have a variety of customization options. Get a detailed logo laser-cut onto the design, customize your dimensions and/or match the color scheme to your current one.


Ready to learn more? Reach out to us today to learn what options are right for you!