festival fencing

For an event organizer, a festival is like a giant machine with countless moving parts. However, the right festival fencing can lift an enormous burden in terms of logistics and crowd control. SelectSpace® Partitions is a leader in outdoor dividers for lines and events of all kinds. With an impressive selection of festival barriers and crowd line dividers and stellar customer service, it’s no wonder event organizers keep our phone number at the ready. Get a better understanding of our offerings below and find out what SelectSpace® Partitions can do for your next celebration.


There are plenty of reasons to prioritize quality partitions as you plan your festival, such as:


  • Branding and promotional purposes- What’s a festival without food trucks and beverage tents? Eye-catching festival barriers that incorporate your vendors’ logos (or your municipal logo) can only enhance everyone’s marketing efforts.

  • Crowd control- Event organizers want attendees to feel safe and to know that everything is organized. Using these crowd dividers and barriers for festival crowd control keeps lines moving in an orderly fashion and prevents the chaotic crush caused by confusion.

    Wayfinding- It often makes sense to direct folks toward a separate ticket line or a line for a security checkpoint. Festival partitions are perfect for this function and make it easier for attendees to know where to go. They help funnel traffic in certain directions and actually complement your signage.

  • VIP Areas- Festival fencing with custom touches can create an upscale feel for extra-special guests. Add some planters and make an even bigger impression.

  • Permitting- Last but not least, all festivals must follow certain local regulations. Well-spaced partitions will make it far easier to keep you in compliance with the law.


From end to end, you want your festival to be fun and operate without complication. We’ve got partition products that not only are functional but also will help you pull off the right atmosphere. Our festival barriers are available in 3-foot, 5-foot and 7-foot panels so that you can mix and match according to the space available to you. We also offer hanging planters and planters that rest directly on the ground to help you customize your festival space.

Any memorable festival has branding from top to bottom. Our festival fencing panels are easily customized to include logos or other personalization options. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve, SelectSpace® Partitions has the right selection for you.

branded fence divider for festivals and events


There’s a reason we’re so well known in the festival space, and that’s because we provide only the highest quality products. Our partition panels are rust-proof and durable. Plus, once the acts have packed up and it’s time to remove your partitions, our products are specially made for easy assembly, disassembly or reconfiguration.

Whether you’re in the business of outdoor festivals or you’re getting your feet wet, we make outdoor barriers a snap. Our quality outdoor festival fencing products assemble quickly and easily, whether they are intended for temporary or permanent use. Find out why vendors, municipalities and more trust SelectSpace® Partitions for their festival fencing needs and request a quote today.