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11 Eye-Catchingly Weird Patio Plants

Looking for ways to make your patio stand out? Want passers-by to stop in to take a closer look? Ready to answer the question "Wow, is that plant real?!" over and over?

Then this blog post is for you! Keep reading to see 11 different weird and crazy plants certain to grab attention.


1. Flapjack Paddle Plant

Foxglove Flowers

The visual texture created by the overlapping 'paddles' and the beautiful green-to-red color transitions are sure to get people to stop and stare!

Care Information by Gardening Know How


2. Frizzle Sizzle

Lantana Flowers and Berries

Curly, crazy mounds of leaves and tall, branching yellow blooms? "Eye-catchingly weird" is the perfect description!

Care Information from World of Succulents


3. Graceful Grasses® Fiber Optic Grass

Oleander Flowers

The tiny white flowers all along the delicate grass blades look like little fairy lights!

Care Information from Proven Winners


4. Jurassic Rex Begonia Varieties

Lily of the Valley Flowers and Berries

These spiky, alien-looking plants come in a bunch of different color and pattern varieties... and every one of them is equally as striking! See some of the others in the link below.

Care Information from Ball Seed


5. Dwarf Papyrus

Larkspur Flowers

The lush feathery tops and bright yellow-green color brings to mind exotic tropical landscapes.

Care Information from Monrovia


6. Pyromania Red Hot Poker Plant

Azaleas and Rhododendrons

The vivid colors of these striking blooms can't help but stand out!

Care Information from Proven Winners


7. Graceful Grasses® Toffee Twist

Yew Shrubs and Berries

The earthy copper tones of this grass are a more distinctive choice than the usual bright green.

Care Information from Proven Winners


8. Coffee Plant

Coffee may be a super popular drink, but not many people would recognize the plant it comes from! Definitely a conversation starter.

Care Information from The Spruce


9. Namaqua Century Plant

Native to Africa, this unique succulent's look stands out from a crowd!

Care Information from World of Succulents


10. "Clear Crystals" Black Pansy

These velvety deep black versions of the popular pansy are sure to grab attention. Black goes with everything!

Care Information from Seed Needs


11. Dolce® Wildberry Coral Bells

Love unexpected pops of color? The rich purple of these leaves is definitely unexpected! Purple not your thing? Dolce® Coral Bells come in other unique colors as well, check them out in the link below (scroll to the bottom).

Care Information from Proven Winners


There's so many different plant varieties available now that there's bound to be one (or a bunch) perfect for your space! Here are some other helpful resources:

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map- Find out which growing zone your location is in.

Lists of Plant Options by Zone- Select your growing zone and see hundreds of plant options.


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