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3 Reasons Why Decorative Metal Fence Panels Are Perfect in Any Space

Decorative metal fence panels used to be an afterthought. For years, individuals and companies installed fences they could find easily through a fence installer or a friend they knew. The fence type tended to be a picket fence made out of wood or wrought iron for the hospitality industry. But all those fences looked the same, and business owners started looking for ways to differentiate their outdoor space. People turned to vinyl for a different look and, more recently, perforated metal to create a unique look for their patio. To look further into this trend, let's review three reasons why decorative metal fences are becoming architects' and business owners' preferred choice for their next commercial application.

Number One: Color Choices

Blue decorative metal fence surrounding tables

Decorative metal fence panels allow you to pick from many color options! You can match the branding of your business to your unique corporate color palette. One reason for this is that metal is easy to paint. Options include powder coating or Kynar. Most manufacturers allow you to color match or use a powder recipe close to what you need. This shows your metal fence panels the uniqueness that makes them in such high demand.

Number Two – Versatility

Black fence in front of a cafe in California

Other options are significantly limited in terms of the look and feel of the fence panels. Vinyl fences offer excellent privacy, but they all look alike and are very "cookie-cutter." You can have a privacy wood fence or an open one. Still, there will be little differences from one fence panel to another. Like wrought iron, it tends to be bar or tube steel in a uniform pattern. Decorative metal fence panels are perforated and crafted to your specific needs. Designs include circles, squares, and hexagons. This versatility allows you to create a unique fence or custom graphic panel.

Number Three: Material Sustainability

Not all wood used in the fence industry is sustainably sourced. Vinyl fencing comes

Decorative metal fence with red chairs and umbrellas in Chicago

from plastic, and recent studies have shown plastic is not as recyclable as we once thought. And when you are sitting outside, having a cocktail, enjoying music, or eating killer food, you shouldn't worry whether the materials were sustainably sourced. Decorative metal fences and posts give you just that. They come from various metal types, including aluminum and galvanized steel. Both types are infinitely recyclable. And if the metal panels are bought in the US, they are manufactured to demanding standards, including environmental impacts.

SelectSpace Partitions Has The Decorative Metal Fence Panels To Meet Your Needs

SelectSpace Partitions was founded with the belief that a fence could be more than just a fence. Our three decorative metal fence panels give business owners a unique take on crowd control or setting up a patio in their space. And with the option to laser-cut your logo into a panel, there will be nothing else like it on the block. Let's work together to make your space a destination – send us a custom quote today!


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