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Creating the Perfect Backdrop for Your Menu!

Yes, this blog post is full of food and drinks literally photographed in front of SelectSpace Partitions (because who doesn't like looking at awesome food?), but sidewalk partitions provide more than just a photography backdrop.

BBQ food in front of SelectSpace Partitions fencing

- A well-defined, organized and clean patio space can go a long way in encouraging both prospective and returning customers that you are ready for them! Happy, relaxed (and hungry!) patrons are just what restaurants need right now.

Great-looking food in front of SelectSpace sidewalk barriers

- With the right touches, you can easily move beyond the "tables and chairs on the sidewalk" and really set a scene guests want to experience. You've spent time and effort designing your menu and perfecting recipes- give them the perfect space to shine!

Breakfast food and drinks in front of a sidewalk cafe

- Okay, so this bullet is about SelectSpace as a photo backdrop, but hear me out... people love taking pictures in a beautiful space!

Food and drinks in outdoor dining patios

Do you want some help with your patio partition layout? We'd be happy to review your space and provide recommendations! Contact us now!



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