Decorating with SelectSpace® Partitions

Check out some of our favorite ways customers have added unique touches to their patio partition fencing!

Gene and Georgetti, IL

Red, white and blue balloon decorations from @chicfromchicago add a festive 4th of July atmosphere to the airy patio.

Wally's Bar and Grill, MI

Warm string lights running along the top of the SelectSpace panels give a warm glow to the comfortable space.


An abundance of plants overflowing the hanging planters gives this sidewalk cafe a peaceful, private atmosphere.

Annapurna, IL

Pops of bright color add excitement and personality.

Bear's Smokehouse, CT and Jibaritos on Harlem, IL

These signs and flags highlight the individuality and identity of both restaurants.

Proper21, Gene and Georgetti, Cork City, Doxie Slush, and more

Dogs! No further explanation needed.

Have an idea for your patio space? Request a quote and we will be happy to help!


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