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Don’t Lose your Restaurant’s Space and Identity to Table Distancing!

People come to your restaurant for more than just the great food, they want to experience the ambiance and energy of your space. Now more than ever people have come to miss the experience of dining out and visiting their favorite cafes, bars, and eateries- and the atmosphere is a big part of that experience! The social distancing regulations, while essential, can easily overwhelm your atmosphere and leave customers on the edges feeling left out.

But how do you define your outdoor seating area and keep it distinctively ‘yours’ when tables and customers have to follow social distancing requirements?

Set up a sidewalk café barrier system to visually separate your space and make it stand out from the rest! Using dividers to define your outdoor seating can give patrons a comforting sense of being included- no one wants to be wondering if the table they are sitting at is too far away for servers to notice or maybe even belongs to another business. Sturdy sidewalk fencing also keeps pedestrians a safe distance away from tables and customers who have to remove their masks to eat.

By using a customizable system like SelectSpace Partitions, you can easily create barriers anywhere and rearrange them as your business adapts to reopening requirements. Reinforce your restaurant’s identity by using partitions that match your restaurant’s style and color palette, or lasercut your logo right into the panels for a truly unique outside seating space!

Custom Lasercut Panel for Sidewalk Cafe Partitions

The Whale, Chicago IL

Need assistance figuring out which components will work best for you? Request a quote today and one of our experts with get back to you right away!


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