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How Partitions Are Helping Local Restaurants Stay Open

Adaptation has been the key to restaurant survival and success amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants and shops have begun to open their doors, but they may not look exactly like they did before spring 2020.

Restaurant owners have had to devise innovative ways to keep their customers and employees safe while bringing in profits. One of these ways is with high-quality restaurant partitions.

Partitions protect restaurant-goers, enforce social distancing and allow restaurants to serve larger capacities at the same time. Read on to learn more about how partitions are helping local restaurants stay open.

How Partitions Help Local Restaurants

Almost everybody has a go-to local restaurant. The following are several ways partitions are helping keep restaurants alive and thriving.

Keeping Customers and Staff Safe

Restaurants need to create safe dining environments, so their customers feel safe entering and employees feel safe serving. Partitions separate groups of diners, which can help prevent airborne germs from traveling from one group to another. They’re also easily cleaned, better ensuring each group of customers enters a sanitized space for dining.

They Implement Social Distancing Regulations

The term “social distancing” has become one of the most used phrases throughout the pandemic. However, social dist

ancing regulations can be difficult to implement, especially as businesses begin to re-open.

Restaurant partitions ar

e specially built to safely distance customers. This helps keep patrons safe while eliminating the challenge of constantly reminding diners of social distancing regulations.

They Allow Larger Capacities

Some cities and states require restaurants to comply with smaller capacity regulations. This allows restaurants to re-open but can make it difficult for them to succeed. Partitions can be used to decrease the amount of space some areas are requiring between tables. This means more table area for seating.

Restaurant partitions can easily be sanitized and moved to accommodate parties of different sizes. The goal is to increase daily business during difficult times, and that’s exactly what these partitions do.

They’re Attractive

You hear the word “partition,” and you probably think of a cubicle. That’s not how restaurant partitions look. They’re mobile, made of thin materials and easy to clean. They can even handle all types of weather, so they can also be used in outdoor seating spaces.

Choose SelectSpace Partitions

SelectSpace Partitions is a major manufacturer of top-quality partitions that are durable, attractive and incredibly mobile. They can be completely customized to suit your restaurant and its unique style.

Our experts know what it takes to help your business succeed. We understand how to keep your team and patrons safe without sacrificing the atmosphere that makes your restaurant so special.

Choose SelectSpace to let your restaurant or other business reach its full potential. Contact our service department for a free quote today.



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