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Help Your Restaurant Reopen To Full Capacity With Partitions

Waiter serving a customer a wrap

During the COVID-19 pandemic, industries worldwide were forced to reinvent business. With so many people in the workforce staying home, one such industry that was greatly affected by the impact is food and dining services. With new regulations and guidelines, restaurants could open at limited capacity. However, with the help of partitions, a full house might be reached sooner than expected.

Keep reading if you’re wondering how partitions can help your restaurant reopen to full capacity.

Uses for Partitions

Partitions often come in many shapes and forms. Whether they’re metal or clear plastic, they can serve a wide range of purposes that make a great first or returning impression on customers. Depending on the space available, there are solutions to make the location as inviting as possible while maintaining a level of safety and efficiency for guests and staff.

Partitions can be used as:

· Dining area barricades

· Table separators

· Barriers between bartender and guests

· Protection for hostesses or cashiers

· Sidewalk and table dividers

· Outdoor dining perimeters

How Partitions Can Benefit You and Your Customers

Safety protocols can be implemented in various ways to help ensure a safe dining experience even at full capacity. Though taking temperatures, installing more hand sanitizer dispensers, and cleaning more thoroughly and frequently might significantly affect cleanliness, partitions offer added benefits to keep customers returning.


Partitions are often personalized to display a logo or restaurant name. Because they come in various structures, heights, and colors, they can serve as an added element of advertising. They’re even used to hang marketing banners and specials, which are interchangeable.

Privacy Indoors

Privacy and intimacy are crucial for customers who are eating inside. Providing large parties with sufficient space is helpful to prevent accidents and complaints. Partitions are also used to section off busier or traffic-heavy areas to give customers peace of mind.

Privacy Outdoors

In tight outdoor spaces, diners and wait staff may find it difficult to move and navigate. Partitions offer protection and security from traffic and passersby while providing enough space for all. Because of the lack of walls outdoors, partitions offer a secluded solution to a ceiling-free area.


Aesthetic elements allow partitions to contribute to the overall ambiance rather than take away from the experience. Even though customers may visit to enjoy the indoor decor and environment, accessories such as planters and gates bring a sophisticated look to the outside.

Regarding your business, we understand how important it is to offer clients a clean and safe return to restaurants. Opening the indoor and outdoor dining area can be done at full capacity as long as safety measures are in place to encourage safe distancing and efficient layouts. Browse our selection of outdoor partitions, gates, and accessories.

Our team is ready to show options that work for you. Contact us for a quote!



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