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How To Improve Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Ambience

Whether you’re in the countryside or curbside, there’s a business opportunity in the space outside your restaurant door. While it’s easy to take it for granted, your outdoor space is an asset. And with the right mind-set and attention to detail, you can transform this area into an attractive dining environment for your patrons.

Here are a few outdoor restaurant design ideas that will help you create restaurant ambience your patrons will love:

Create a welcoming patio space — Don’t treat your outdoor seating area as an overflow area. Treat it as if it’s your patrons’ first choice — because it often is. That means putting careful thought into your outdoor seating design. For example, create an airy ambience with perforated outdoor seating barriers that allow in light and breezes while giving your patrons a level of privacy they will appreciate.

Provide an outdoor waiting area — If you’ve got extra space, put it to good use. Just as outdoor dining is appealing to customers, the wait for a table is much more enjoyable in an outdoor setting than in the typical dark, cramped restaurant waiting area. Consider setting aside a portion of your outdoor space for waiting customers. In addition to creating a positive impression before patrons even sit down to order, an outdoor waiting area is a great marketing opportunity. With happily waiting customers on full display, you communicate to the neighborhood that your restaurant is the place to be.

Leverage signage and decor — Outdoor restaurant decor ideas should include everything from the ground up. That means putting outdoor fencing to use for signage and branding purposes. With the right outdoor fencing panels in place, you can showcase your restaurant’s branding by using the dining experience itself. Greenery is another great way to up the ambience of outdoor eating spaces. Shrubbery and hanging planters can do a lot to create an upscale restaurant atmosphere.

Strike the right balance — Outdoor restaurant patio ideas shouldn’t be limited to static decor. You have a golden opportunity to make your outdoor space functional as well as attractive. By installing a swinging gate, for example, you can improve the flow into and out of your dining space. Stationary dividers can be used to clearly guide foot traffic to where the action is. By creating an outdoor space that’s both organized and aesthetically pleasing, you can heighten your restaurant’s ambience and make it more attractive to patrons.

How SelectSpace Partitions Can Help

As you design your outdoor dining space, keep SelectSpace in mind as a leading manufacturer of partitions for outdoor restaurant spaces and sidewalk cafes. We carry a wide range of removable outdoor restaurant barriers, planters and gates that are as durable as they are decorative. Check out our online catalog of products, and start creating an outdoor dining space your customers won’t soon forget. Learn more about the options available to you, and hear firsthand how outdoor seating panels can contribute to a positive restaurant ambience by reaching out to a SelectSpace representative today.

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