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Laser-cut Logos with On The Rocks

Curious about how getting your logo laser-cut into SelectSpace panels works? Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the process with On The Rocks in Romeoville, IL!

Original Logo

This is On the Rocks' official logo. Vector artwork is the easiest to work with, especially if there is a lot of detail (like this one). If you don't have an .ai or .eps logo file, then send us the highest resolution/largest file you have.

Simplified Logo

This logo needed to be simplified for laser-cutting. The black outline and tiny dots on the dice in the glass look great printed or on a screen, but wouldn't work so well as a laser-cut. Large, smooth shapes read the best. Remember, there isn't going to be a solid background behind it!

Simplified logo converted into black and white with supports

The simplified logo was converted into black and white and supports were added (the green lines). The black represents the metal that will be removed by the laser, and the white is the SelectSpace panel. Supports keep things like letter middles ('O', 'A', 'P', and 'R' for example) from falling out. Without the supports, the laser-cut logo would look like this!

Example of logo laser-cut without any supports

They also give extra strength to places like the inside curves of 'C' and 'S'. Those areas would be easy to bend and damage if left unsupported.

Example of a laser-cut logo partition panel digital mock-up

Once the supports were added, a digital mock-up image was made and sent to On The Rocks for approval.

Laser-cut logo file and laser-cutting machine

After approval was received, our engineers programmed the modified logo file for laser-cutting and sent it to production. The logo panels were laser-cut, inspected, sent for powder coating, inspected again, packaged, and shipped!

SelectSpace laser-cut logo gate panel

Here's the end result! On The Rocks chose to get their gate panel laser-cut but SelectSpace also offers laser-cutting on 5' panels and 7' panels.


Since every logo is unique, the modifications needed for laser-cutting are never the same. Some logos need a lot of supports or their detail simplified while others can be laser-cut without any changes at all! Here are some more examples comparing the print logo to the laser-cut version.

Laser-cutting before/after example with minimal changes
Laser-cutting before/after example where only supports were added
Laser-cutting before/after example with significant changes
Laser-cutting before/after example with only one section of the logo used
Laser-cutting before/after example with only one part of the logo used

Laser-cut logo panels are a great way to get more bang for your buck (only +$50 per panel!) out of SelectSpace. You've developed a cool logo, now show it off!

Curious what modifications your logo would need before being laser-cut into SelectSpace sidewalk fencing panels? Request a quote and upload your logo into the file upload area!


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