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What's the Difference Between Circle and Square Top Planters?

Not sure which planter top you need? Curious why there are two different types? Keep reading to find out!


What's a Circle Top Planter?

Examples of circle top planters

A Circle Top planter is designed for plant pots to rest right inside the circle cut-outs, making it easy to add, remove, and replace plants! The circle diameter is 6.2", sized to fit most plastic 2.5 qt-1 gal. plant pots from major home improvement or garden retailers.

Examples of plant pots

We also include plastic grower's pots with each planter so you can take it with you to the store to match pot sizes or plant your own flowers in that! The inside of the planter body is hollow and there are drainage holes at the bottom.


What's a Square Top (or Rectangle Top) Planter?

Examples of square and rectangle top planters

A Square or Rectangle Top planter is designed for traditional large-planter planting. Large planters are usually not filled entirely with soil (that would take quite a lot!) Instead, space fillers are used to fill the bottom 1/2 to 2/3 of the planter. There are commercial options available for purchase but anything that allows drainage and won't decompose will work.

It's a good idea to use a barrier layer between the filler and soil to keep the soil in place such as landscaping cloth, cheesecloth, or even several sheets of newspaper. Then add your soil and plants!

Illustration of how to fill a large planter

The square is 6.75”x 6.75” and the rectangle is 7”x 31”. The inside of the planter body is hollow and there are drainage holes at the bottom.


Why does SelectSpace sell two different types of Planter Tops?

We want to make sure our customers can get what they need! Some people need the convenience of simply grabbing some plants from their local store and setting them inside the circle cut-outs because of time constraints, rough weather, or needing to disassemble/reassemble often. The Circle Tops are especially useful for those with 'brown thumbs'... it's easy to replace any plants that die!

Others need the Square/Rectangle tops due to the types of plants they want to use (some plants just don't do well in 1 gal. pots) and how they want to arrange them. Using these planters gives you more room to be creative and your plants more room to grow!

A line of sidewalk cafe planter fencing filled with bright flowers

Have any more questions about planters? Need help deciding which SelectSpace components will fit your space best? Request a quote now and we will be happy to answer questions and give recommendations!



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