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5 Ways to Make SelectSpace Partitions More Sturdy

One of our most commonly asked questions is, "How sturdy are SelectSpace Partitions?" Many areas don't allow partitions to be attached or bolted into the ground, and finding a good balance between sturdy and removable can be tricky. While SelectSpace is designed to be both, we understand that some locations may need a little extra stability due to wind, uneven ground, drunk patrons, busy sidewalks, or just for peace of mind!


1. Use the leg levelers.

This is the easiest method and one we recommend to every SelectSpace customer! Each stand and planter stand comes with 4 adjustable leg levelers, and using them to even out the partition system will really improve the stability. Uneven or tilted stands will also stress the connection of 'arms' and possibly damage them over time.

SIdewalk partition stand base with adjusted leg levelers

2. Design your layout with corners.

Partition layouts with at least one corner (L shape) will be sturdier than straight lines. Two corners (U shape) or more is even better! For the best stability, straight sections over 15' should have at least one corner.

Straight Partition Example
L Shaped Partition Example
U Shaped Partition Example

If you need to have an entrance, try to design your layout so that the partitions connect at the corners and the entrance is in the middle.

U Shaped Partition with Front Entrance Example

3. Use planter stands.

Swapping your regular stands for planter stands immediately adds some extra weight! The regular stands average about 13 lbs each, while the square planter stands are 20.5 lbs, and the rectangle planter stands are 55 lbs. Remember how often your system has to be disassembled and reassembled, though; moving the rectangle planter stands daily can get old fast!

Examples of regular stands, square planter stands, and rectangle planter stands
Brown patio partitions with fuchsia planter stands

4. Add weight to planter stands.

All the planter stands have hollow bodies, and some weight can be added by placing bricks, rocks, or sandbags inside them. Be careful not to add too much, though. The planter bodies are made of aluminum and can bend or bow outwards if there is too much pressure! We don't recommend going over 10 lbs for the square planter stands and 15 lbs for the rectangle planter stands. If you need to go heavier, a better option would be to purchase large one-piece fiberglass or cement planters designed to hold that amount of weight.

Bricks, Sandbag, Saddlebag, Rocks

When putting weight inside a planter, keep in mind you may have to get it back out again! Things like loose gravel may be easy to add but won't be as much fun to try and remove later on. Also, remember not to block the drainage holes in the bottom.


5. Use T Supports.

If you have long, straight sections with no room for corners, T Supports might be your best option! T Supports are made of a T Stand (modified straight stand with three sets of support arms), a panel, and an end stand. An example of T Support is highlighted in green below.

Long Partition with T Supports Example

The T Stand can be made with both regular stands or square planter stands. These are also great for really long (45+ ft) sections of partitions, even if they have corners. They aren't a stock item, though, and will take, on average, 4-5 weeks for production, so please plan accordingly!


Have any questions about any of these five methods? Want some advice on which ones to try at your location? Ask us here!

**SelectSpace Partitions are decorative elements and not designed to be weight-bearing or used as security fencing. Do not sit or lean on them; use them to block off dangerous areas (pools, construction areas, etc.) or leave them outside during strong storms and heavy winds. Please refer to our usage guidelines for more info.**

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1 Comment

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