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The Benefits Of Al Fresco Dining

A group of individuals enjoying al fresco dining by a black fence

There’s just something about dining outside. For all the work we put into beautifying our restaurant interiors, it’s tough to beat the natural light and open air of a patio. Restaurants with al fresco patio dining draw an eclectic mix of diners who can’t resist a cool breeze and a cold drink. How does that translate into better business for you? Find out why restaurants jump at the chance to offer al fresco seating and see how SelectSpace Partitions can help.

What Al Fresco Dining Benefits Are There for Your Establishment?

The Italian phrase “al fresco” roughly translates to “in the cool air.” In the restaurant industry, the term includes several types of outdoor dining, from cafes and coffee shops to brunch spots and even outdoor bars. So, while it may sound fancy, al fresco dining covers a lot of ground and appeals to a wide range of customers.

Whatever attracts customers is good for business. Here are some of the key benefits an al fresco dining space can offer your establishment:

  • Seating — In the open air, you can increase your available seating with less likelihood that your customers will feel cramped. In short, you can increase capacity while keeping customers happy, safe, and comfortable.

  • Longer stays — Outdoor patio dining is a great way to keep customers around longer. The fresh air of al fresco dining encourages customers to kick back and support the food and drinks coming.

  • Atmosphere — Eating al fresco is more than a meal — it’s an experience. By offering that option, you can transform the atmosphere of your establishment. Natural decor and outdoor dining barriers can help define and draw attention to your outdoor space.

  • Marketing — If there’s one huge advantage an outdoor dining space offers relative to indoor dining, it’s exposure to foot traffic. Your al fresco dining space is on full display to pedestrians. With the proper layout, you can lure new customers into your restaurant and build a reputation as a comfortable, welcoming outdoor eating establishment.

How to Create an Attractive Al Fresco Dining Space

It takes more than a few chairs and tables to make al fresco dining attractive to your customers. You must own your outdoor space with consistent decor and an appealing ambiance. A welcoming outdoor space also should be clearly defined. Outdoor restaurant fencing and barriers are an excellent option for containing your area while allowing in natural light and plenty of fresh air. You can also leverage outdoor barrier panels as decorative elements by adding features such as mounted or stand-alone planters and incorporating your branding and logo.

At SelectSpace, we’re experts at helping you define your outdoor space with a wide selection of partitions, planters, and accessories. Our durable, decorative panels come in various sizes and with circular perforations or a square-weave design. Contact us today to learn how SelectSpace can help you design a beautiful al fresco dining space.


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