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Top Three Reasons Why You Need Outdoor Space at Your Restaurant

When summertime rolls around, most of the U.S. is ready to go outside. And if you’re in a southern state, it’s time to head outdoors again come November! One of our favorite past times is sitting on a patio. Enjoying some great food, music, and fine adult beverages with friends is what life is all about. In fact, according to research done by Zagat’s, patrons are 77% more likely to visit an establishment with outdoor space! If you don’t already have one, now is the time to create an outdoor space your customers will love. Check out our top three reasons why you need an outdoor space at your restaurant!

More Space for Your Restaurant

Partitions with Balloons

It is hard to increase the number of tables when you only have a specific amount of square footage at your eatery. Instead, think outside the box and look outside your four walls. Go out to the sidewalk and look around. You’ll see there’s plenty of room to add on tables and chairs to increase your capacity. In fact, most cities love the idea of you doing this! Often, you need a permit to set up an outdoor dining space. Check with your local government for the latest information on zoning rules in your specific area.

New Dining Experiences

Sidewalk cafés and patios open a different dining experience than you might be able to

Outdoor Patio with SelectSpace

offer. Patios and sidewalk café’s offer a great space to host local musicians and artists. Local authors could also use the space for a book reading. These new dining experiences will be a new revenue source for you! Also, your patrons will be more comfortable and stay longer - leading to more sales!


Outdoor dining offers you a unique and “free” way to advertise to potential patrons of your joint. Why is that? If you set up a sidewalk café, passers-by will:

  • See Your Food

  • Smell Your Food

  • People watch while patrons enjoy themselves

Then, grab your phone and snap a few photos of individuals enjoying your patio, and put them on social media. There’s a good chance that post will go viral bringing in new customers to your restaurant.

Upgrade Your Sidewalk Café with Outdoor Partitions

SelectSpace Patio

Convinced you need a patio or sidewalk café at your establishment? We thought so. Make sure that it’s furnished with comfy seats to sit on and enjoy. Adding great ambiance to your space will make them want to stay for hours! Partitions are an especially smart investment for your location. They give your diners a level of privacy to make them feel more at home. Also, they give your place an enhanced atmosphere. This sophisticated, custom look sets you apart from the competition!

Contact SelectSpace Today

At SelectSpace Partitions, we provide high-quality, rust-proof outdoor dining partition options. And these things are built to last! We manufacture our products in the USA with aluminum and stainless steel. Choose from 3', 5', or 7' partition panels available in different patterns. This includes modern circle perforations or a classic square weave design.


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