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Understanding The Importance Of Restaurant Partitions

Whether it’s a mom-and-pop coffee shop or the most popular burger joint in town, many restaurant owners haven’t thought to take full advantage of their outdoor space until recently. At times it can be difficult to figure out how to arrange the seating to best accommodate your clientele. The good news is that no matter how small the sidewalk or outdoor space available, it can be optimized to leave a lasting impact on customers. Consider restaurant partitions to elevate the atmosphere at your eatery.

Why Restaurant Partitions?

At SelectSpace Partitions, we understand the pressure that business owners face to make sure clients and staff are comfortable within the layout of their restaurants. Partitions are more than just décor. Here are some of the great benefits and advantages of incorporating partitions into your outdoor floor plan:

Gives Customers Some Space

Keeping clients comfortable has always been a priority for many business owners. Now, with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are cautious about social distancing. Partitions allow customers to feel safe and distanced while still enjoying their meal.

Increases Available Seating Area

Perhaps your outdoor space wasn’t utilized in the past because you didn’t think there was enough room. By setting up partitions, available seating space could greatly increase. Whether it’s on the sidewalk or in the parking lot, partitions can change nearly any environment into a space for seating.

Creates Some Separation

Many of the most popular restaurants are often overbooked or crowded. Adding partitions could help alleviate some of the indoor pressure by allowing tables to be spread throughout the vicinity. With outdoor seating, diners can enjoy their meals without feeling rushed or cramped.

Doesn’t Interrupt or Intrude

Adhering to new rules and regulations can be tough without disrupting a patron's meal. With partitions and gates, you can create an outdoor seating space that is unobtrusive to diners and wait staff alike. Once you’ve achieved your ideal setup, it’ll be easier to keep a smooth flow for all.

Can Be Customized

We know time and money has already been invested in developing the aesthetic and atmosphere of your restaurant. With partitions, you can feel free to customize with logos and graphics as you see fit. Outdoor seating doesn’t have to be drab. Add accessories, metal planters and gates to bring personality to your space.

SelectSpace Partitions Is a One-Stop Shop for Outdoor Partitions

A design project can take time and effort to perfect. If you’re ready to navigate the world of outdoor dining, SelectSpace Partitions is a great place to start. We are the leading manufacturer of restaurant partitions, perfect for sidewalk cafes, warm weather seating and a simple expansion of the business. Optimize any space with barriers, planters and gates that are made from the highest quality materials and fully adjustable to your requests.

Don’t know where to begin? Browse our durable products to create an arrangement that suits the needs of clients and staff. Also, feel free to contact us for a quote and any layout assistance. The next chapter for your restaurant is fully achievable with our partitions.

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