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Restaurant Sidewalk Partitions Are A Popular Sign Of Summer

One of the best aspects of summer is dining outdoors. Being in the fresh air and among good friends — under a happy blue sky or a romantic canopy of evening stars — can make food even more delicious.

At one time, restaurateurs might have invested more in their kitchen equipment and indoor seating rather than worry about including options for outdoor dining. However, offering patrons an outside dining space is oftentimes necessary for guests’ health and safety.

By showing customers you care about their personal space and comfort level, you just might become their go-to restaurant. Besides, having more dining area for guests means more customers for your servers and more business for you.

Why Sidewalk Partitions Will be Popular This Summer

Here are three ways to make outdoor dining areas even more appetizing:

1. Show your patrons you appreciate their business. An old picnic table tells outdoor diners they’re an afterthought. On the other hand, a well-defined area with sidewalk partitions makes your outdoor space an extension of your beautiful restaurant and welcomes guests to your tables.

2. Enjoy a healthy serving of improved mental wellness. Being outdoors can provide a boost of serotonin, which reduces stress. The sunshine’s UV rays help your body produce vitamin D, which is needed for strong bones. Be sure to offer seating in the shade or under patio umbrellas for your visitors who didn’t bring sunscreen.

3. Want a feast for the senses? Invite Mother Nature to your restaurant. Up your farm-to-table game by growing fresh herbs. Own an Italian restaurant? Rosemary and basil will add flavor to your recipes and a lovely aroma to your customers’ dining experience. Adding a Thai dish to the menu? Grow cilantro and lemongrass. Remember to plant some fresh mint for iced tea. Peppermint, marigold or lavender can help repel mosquitoes from your patio.

Planters can also bring a gorgeous splash of color to a restaurant’s palette. Are your logo colors purple and lime green? Then spice up your dining area with a knock-out, social media-worthy combination of purple petunias paired with a cascade of chartreuse-colored sweet potato vine.

SelectSpace Partitions’ products checks all the boxes for outdoor dining areas:

  • Easy to assemble and can be customized in styles and sizes: Create an attractive, well-defined outdoor space that is unique to your outdoor footprint and inviting to your patrons.

  • Durable yet lightweight: Reconfigure when your needs change, or pack and store when your outdoor season ends.

  • Can be laser cut: Display your logo for an additional branding opportunity when marketing your restaurant. After all, you paid someone to design your wonderful logo, right? Let potential customers see it.

  • Can include matching metal planters as stand-alone pieces and as end-stand planters: There’s no need for you to deal with heavy, expensive, breakable pots for your herbs.

Welcome your customers to your restaurant’s newest location — just outside your door. Create your custom SelectSpace Partitions and request a quote today.



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