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Essential Partition - 5' Panel Kit

Essential Partition - 5' Panel Kit


The Essential Partition offers the same flexibility as the original SelectSpace Line at a lower price. Now, more restaurants can bring their indoor dining experience outdoors than ever before. The 5' Panel kit features:

  • One 5' panel, two bases, and all of the necessary hardware put it together
  • Made from high-quality galvanized steel
  • Powder Coated with a sleek black finish to enhance durability
  • Our exclusive honeycomb design provides a contemporary touch and blends seamlessly into any restaurant's decor.
  • Easy installation
  • Can be used free-standing or bolted into the ground (each leg features knock-out holes)
  • 60” wide x 33.069” tall x 2.074” deep
  • Panel height is adjustable up to 36”
  • 26.817 lbs (38.553 lbs with two bases)
  • Material: 16 Gauge Galvannealed (0.064”)
  • Finish: black exterior rated powder coat AAMS 2604/2605 compliant
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