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How Can Event Barricades Be Used For Crowd Control?

Event barricades are essential for ensuring the safety and smooth operation of events with small or large crowds. They provide effective crowd control measures that help manage crowd movements, create designated areas, and enhance security. In this article, we will explore how event barricades improve crowd control, the benefits they offer planners, and why we think SelectSpace is the future of barricades in the crowd control industry.

Event barricades creating a perimeter

Creating a Perimeter with Event Barricades

As an event planner, one of your first tasks when putting on a gala is creating a perimeter for your event. By creating a defined area for your guests, the organizer can establish clear boundaries and control the movement of attendees. When your event barricades are lightweight but still sturdy, they can be easily put into place by personnel with minimal help. The perimeter you establish prevents unauthorized access and maintains a secure environment within the event premises. These event stanchions can be set up to guide attendees toward specific entrances, ensuring smooth entry and exit.

Establishing Entrance And Exit Queues

Once you've laid out your perimeter for an event, move your focus to the entrance and exit queues for the party at hand. Event barricades allow you to strategically place each fence piece at specific entrance points, which ensures a controlled flow of attendees. When an event organizer can control this flow, it can help prevent any overcrowding and thus maintain order. In addition, event barricades allow you to establish multiple entrances – for example, a VIP entrance to get into the gala quicker might be a solution for your particular needs. Or, the fencing can create a backdrop – much like a step and repeat wall. Modern stanchions are very clean and can create a beautiful for any partygoer. Overall, the event barricades will help you to streamline the check-in process and enhance the overall safety and security of the event.

a party boarded by a modern gray fence

Designating Party Areas with Event Barricades

After setting up the perimeter and the entrance and exit, event barricades should be used for the most crucial part – the gala area! Defining specific areas within the venue creates order, helping you to manage crowds. In addition, you can segregate your partygoers into separate sections using event stanchions. For instance, a fence makes individual sections for VIPs, media personnel, or backstage areas. When designing more premium sections, you can also charge more for the event, thus increasing the revenue stream for the part. A lightweight, modular fence will quickly pay for itself from the increase in ticket prices. Your party will succeed by managing crowd segregation, maintaining order, and providing a more organized and controlled environment for everyone involved.

Restricting Access

In certain situations, event barricades might be needed to restrict access to certain areas or limit the number of attendees in specific venue sections. This could be for areas such as kitchens, closet space for storage, or administrative areas. By using modular fencing, you can ensure authorized individuals have access to these areas while keeping partygoers in the event. Modular partitions can easily be arranged and rearranged to the planner's whims. These systems enable you to make last-minute changes while keeping areas sanctioned off where necessary.

A logo laser-cut into aluminum

Advertising Space On Event Barricades

Having sponsors for your event can often make or break what you can or can't do. In addition, it may also tell you whether or not you'll be profitable or lose money for your gala. This is one of the reasons sponsorships exist – having that influx of cash gives party planners the funds they need to turn their event into an extravaganza that can still make money. One way to sell a sponsorship is with sponsor boards – simple signs with logos. While this is ok, it might not fit well into the theming of your event. That's where event barricades with custom graphics panels come in. They offer an excellent opportunity for organizers to showcase sponsors and promote their brand. These custom logo panels are laser cut into metal, which looks incredibly elegant and gives your sponsor a visible and impactful advertising platform. Plus, event planners can work out where the sponsor takes their logo panel back to their office. You can't do that with a traditional sponsorship wall. Laser-cut graphic panels will generate more revenue and add that classy, professional touch to the event. The customized panels can display logos, event details, or engaging graphics that create a cohesive branding experience for attendees.

Event barricades play a vital role in crowd control during events. They offer effective crowd management solutions, from managing entrance and exit queues to creating a secure perimeter and designated areas. Additionally, event organizers can leverage custom logo panels on the barricades for advertising, creating a visually appealing and brand-centric event environment. Party planners can ensure their events' safety, security, and success by incorporating the gala stanchions.

SelectSpace Partitions Are Perfect For Event Barricades

The modern approach to event barricades is working with a modular fence company like SelectSpace Partition. Our partition system was created to be modular so that party planners could easily arrange and rearrange a space on a whim to the customer's liking. Most of all is the introduction of laser-cut graphics panels that you can use to sell sponsorships. Through these sponsorships, you'll be able to pay for party stanchions that you can reuse yearly quickly. And then those sponsorship logos can go home with the sponsors – an excellent way to give back to those helping with the event. Contact us today for a quote on event barricades to meet your crowd control needs.


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