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What is Crowd Control?

Since the dawn of time, event planners have always worried about crowd control. A part of putting on any large-scale occasion is managing people. From concerts to sporting events to local festivals, controlling crowds can make or break an event. The following article will investigate why crowd control matters and what steps you can take to enhance it at your next event.

Why Should You Control a Crowd?

Running an event is hard enough without worrying about crowd management. And when you throw people into the mix - as is the case with any affair – crowd control becomes even more important. When running any kind of event, having a firm grasp of your audience is vital. Making sure individuals only go where they are supposed to be is very important. Imagine at a concert if a group of people decided to storm the stage. Not only is it dangerous for the performers, but also the audience. Ensuring you have a keen grasp on the larger group at the events leads to a fun, safe experience for all.

Is Crowd Control Good for Security?

It is! Public health and safety are of utmost importance at any event. As an event planner, it's key that your program goes off without a hitch. Having crowd control measures in place gives you a piece of mind. You know your affair will be successful and everyone will have fun! But controlling a crowd is not only for large events. From airports to the DMV, security matters in your everyday life too.

What Personnel do I need to manage a crowd?

Determining the number of staff needed is dependent on many factors. Having the proper amount of team members in place will ensure you can manage a crowd. When trying to determine the correct number of staff at an affair, there is no right or wrong answer. If you do a search on Google, you’ll find different answers to this question. When putting on any sort of occasion, it is best to talk with a security professional first. They can help you plan for your specific event and needs.

Where do you need Crowd Control Barriers?

Anytime you have a large gathering of people, you need crowd control barriers. Some of the more common places we see controlling crowds as a necessity include:

  • Sporting events

  • Concert Venues

  • Theme Parks

  • Airports

  • Marathons

  • Festivals

  • Parades

This is only a handful of places where crowd control dividers are necessary. Another critical area is touring a manufacturing plant. Manufacturing can be dangerous, especially if safety measures are not clear. Having crowd control measures in place lets your customers visit your plant safely. The more they learn about your process, the more likely they will give you future orders.

What Sort of Equipment Can Be Used for Crowd Control Fencing?

There are many different types of equipment used for crowd control fencing. This includes:

Traffic Cones: The safety orange traffic cones are tried and true. These can be seen anytime you need to block off a door, a hole in the concrete, or a large construction project.

Belt Barriers: You will find retractable belt barriers often inside airport queues. These belt barriers are lightweight and can be easily changed depending on how long the lines are.

Classic Stanchions and Ropes/Chains: These metal posts have been around for a year. They can be found both indoors and outside depending on the venue. These are easy to set up and provide basic crowd control. Some stanchions are now available in plastic instead of metal.

Barricades: Steel barricades are typically pre-galvanized and interlocking. These 6.5- to 8.5-foot-long borders are heavy-duty and designed for superior crowd management, safety, and durability.

What is the Future of Crowd Control Equipment?

Event and party planners know that every attendee has an opinion on their event, including the crowd control barriers you are using. The old metal barriers from years past look dated and uninviting. Sometimes, they even look scary. And the old stanchions with ropes and chains do not weather well, fade fast, and look old at a current event. That is where SelectSpace comes in.

SelectSpace Is the Future of Crowd Control

SelectSpace Partitions was formed in 2018 to upgrade the patios of restaurant owners everywhere. When we started installing them, event planners saw how elegant they were and wanted them for their occasions. Using the SelectSpace System for your barrier and partition needs instantly upgrades your affair. Our modern designs offer the same security and crowd control measures as older systems in a brand new, contemporary package. And with a modular structure, the system is lightweight, expandable, and easy to put together. Plus, aluminum will never rust – which can happen to galvanized steel.

Contact SelectSpace Today

At SelectSpace Partitions, we provide high-quality, rust-proof outdoor security partition options. All our partitions are manufactured in the USA with aluminum and stainless steel. Choose from 3', 5', or 7' partition panels available in different patterns. We also feature gates that can be opened and closed, as well as locked depending on your specific needs. Get ready to upgrade your next event security with SelectSpace!