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Four Tips to Make Your Restaurant Pet Friendly in 2023

A dog in a hat at a pet friendly restaurant

Becoming a pet-friendly establishment isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, depending on where you are located, it might be more difficult to introduce a pet-friendly culture than others. It’s important to always make sure you are following your local guidelines in introducing any new features that would greatly change

our establishment.

With that said, and knowing the challenges that may come about, being a pet-friendly restaurant can be a great way to introduce your establishment to a brand-new audience.

Before we look at the tips, if you do want to make your restaurant more pet friendly, your team must know the difference between service animals and pets. According to the ADA, “service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities”. Currently, only dogs are recognized as service animals and have been trained to do work or tasks for the person with the disability. On the other hand, a pet is a companion to keep people company, for entertainment, etc. While service animals are allowed in all places, pets may not be. Having your outdoor patio space appropriately defined will ensure your two-legged and four-legged friends are comfortable and enjoying their time at your establishment. If you have made up your mind, here are 4 tips to consider when deciding to make your restaurant pet friendly in 2023!

  1. Pet Amenities: Your pet deserves to have a great time while you are out eating just the same as you! When making your bar or restaurant a pet-friendly location, you must make them as comfortable as possible. Providing waterproof pet beds and water bowls can make their time as fun as your non-furry guests!

  2. Food For Your Pets: Humans shouldn’t have all the fun! If you are going to make your restaurant a pet-friendly destination, you need to offer options that they will enjoy. One popular idea is a “Pup Cup” which is usually just dairy whipped cream. In small amounts, pets love them! Another idea is to partner with a local bakery and sell some pet-friendly snacks that are exclusively made for them. Trust us – your pet is going to thank you!

  3. Convenient Payment Methods: We all know that when fluffy has had enough, sometimes you have got to roll with it and just get out. As social as pets can be, they can also be just as anti-social! New restaurant Point of Sales technology can let you pay quickly on an app for those inconvenient times when Fido tells you – it is time to roll!

  4. Pet Safety: When you decide you are ready to have pets at your bar or restaurant and researched all your local and state laws, you need to look out for the safety of your two and four-legged friends. Ensure that pets have a safe space that will keep them calm while their patrons dine. Partitioning off specific sections of your outdoor space will go a long way making to make your guests feel both safe and welcome.

How Can I Make My Outdoor Restaurant Patio Pet Friendly?

You’ll want to start by sectioning off space and ordering the proper supplies to keep at your establishment. In some instances, you may need to keep your pets just outside the partitioned area. If that is the case, having a fencing solution that’s “see-through” could be an ideal choice. If you want to make your restaurant patio more pet friendly in 2023, the team at SelectSpace Partitions is here to help! Contact us today for a custom quote on your restaurant patio. Check out our infographic below and be sure to share it with all restaurant owners!

4 tips to make your restaurant pet friendly infographic



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