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Why Partitions Are A Hot Trend For Restaurants

Looking to give your restaurant or cafe a fresh look for new and returning patrons? Partitions are visually pleasing, easy to assemble, and help to create a relaxed atmosphere in times of concern regarding social distancing. By offering an outdoor dining option, you can satisfy a craving for safety in times when customers are still wary without compromising on curb appeal.

Read on to learn why partitions are such a hot item for restaurants now.

Rising Expectations for Safety

Nowadays, more and more customers find comfort in dining options that include outdoor and socially distanced spaces to enjoy their meal. At SelectSpace Partitions, our products can help ensure patrons feel their concerns are being met.

Available in a variety of styles, our attractive partitions allow you to redefine the layout of your outdoor dining area by separating tables, establishing clear walkways and creating a streamlined serving process. You can also designate an upscale VIP section or provide light crowd control on a busy sidewalk that sees a lot of foot traffic.

Construct a welcoming environment by strategically placing partitions to put your clientele at ease and to maximize your space’s potential.

  • Made from sustainable aluminum, these durable and decorative sectionals are built to make a lasting impression.

  • Our models feature an easy setup, whether you’re looking to add a temporary space with removable barriers or to establish a permanent fixture as the next hot outdoor dining spot.

  • Each stand base includes detachable bolt hole knockouts to secure the partitions into the ground or simply leave the knockouts in place for effortless reconfiguring and quick removal.

  • Capable of handling all types of weather. No rust or corrosion.

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA.

Get Instant Brand Recognition With Customization Options

With numerous customizable options available, you can increase brand awareness while displaying your concern for safety simultaneously. Add your logo or name in a variety of styles to each partition or as a focal point.

We can provide a wide range of powder coating colors to match your brand’s style and even custom match a specific paint color or fabric swatch. Each order is made in-house, allowing design elements to be modified to your desired outcome.

Metal planters and planter stands are also available to catch the eye of each passerby. Functional and attention-grabbing, our hanging planters effortlessly slide over the partition panels for floral flair throughout the year. Our planter stands serve as panel supports and can be adorned with flowerpots, statues or any welcoming touch to enrich your entryway.

As the leading manufacturer of restaurant partitions, we pride ourselves as the best choice for fully adjustable and highly attractive segmental walls and want to meet your needs for a customized look. Check out our wide selection of colors, panel patterns, planter options and more to get the look you want while adhering to your city’s requirements.

Whether you have a small sidewalk space to utilize or want to take advantage of the long outdoor dining season in your region, the possibilities are endless with SelectSpace Partitions!

Next Steps

Ready to start your outdoor renovation? Interested in which products fit your needs best? Check out our wide selection of modular designs or request a quote from one of our knowledgeable representatives today.



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