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  • are they easy to put together?

Yes! Each partition kit comes with all the necessary hardware to easily put them together. Just slide the partition into the supplied bases. Then, connect it with four screws and your patio is on the way!

  • how quickly can they ship?

On average, orders take 3-4 weeks to ship. In-stock items may ship sooner and customization will add a bit of extra time. For example, laser-cutting and/or choosing one of our standard color options (not black or gray) will take 2 weeks. Highly customized orders can take up to 6 weeks to complete.

  • what is the price per linear foot?

That depends on what components you need. The average price per LFT is $85-$135, but it can range higher or lower depending on features such as gates

  • how do I figure out which parts I need to fit my space?

Please review our ordering tips page​ for help on creating your partition layout. If you would like additional assistance, request a quote and one of our designers will create a layout proposal for you. Be sure to include a drawing or plan view of your space with dimensions!

  • are the partitions permanent or removable?

They are both! All the SelectSpace stand and planter stand bases come with bolt hole knock-outs that can be removed and used to bolt the partitions into the ground. If you want your system to be easily removable, simply leave the knock-outs in place. Our system overview page has more information about the bases and bolt hole knockouts. 

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  • what are the partitions made of?

Everything is made of galvanized steel e​ Our system overview page has more details on the partition design and materials.

  • how sturdy are they?

SelectSpace partitions are decorative elements designed to stand up to repeated assembly/disassembly and the outdoor environment. They are not designed to be used as furniture (don't sit on them), weight-bearing (don't use them to hold up heavy things), or security fencing (don't use them to block off restricted areas). 


If you have concerns about stability due to your environment (extremely windy, very uneven ground, drunk patrons) then check out this blog post or contact us and we will recommend a solution!  For more information, please review our usage guidelines. 

  • how tall are they?

When assembled, the tops of the panels are 34" off the ground and the tops of the stands and planter stands are 36". Using the leg levelers may add a small amount to the height (less than 1/2 inch). For more dimensions, check out the system overview.

  • how heavy are they?

SelectSpace partitions are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled as needed, so each component is pretty light.

Regular Stands: 13 lbs 

Square Planter Stands: 20.5 lbs

Gates: 55 lbs

3' Panels: 12 lbs

5' Panels: 19 lbs

For more stability, weight can be added to the planter stands. Read this blog post for more information.

  • will the powder coating hold up to salt water spray?

Our standard powder coating is suitable for most outdoor environments. If the partitions are going to be used somewhere with a lot of exposure to saltwater spray or mist, then we recommend switching to a marine-grade powder coat. Marine-grade coatings are designed for saltwater environments and will hold up much better than our standard powder coat. Contact us if this is something you want to look into!

  • where are SelectSpace Partitions made?

SelectSpace is proudly made in the USA (Chicagoland) with unionized labor!  Get a behind-the-scenes look at our manufacturing process here.

  • my partitions have been scratched, can I get touch-up paint to fix them?

We recommend getting touch-up paint through Orbit. For most scratches, the paint pens or 1/2 oz bottles are good.  Be sure to order the correct RAL number to match your partition color!


Our Black stock color is RAL 9017.


  • what components do you stock?

We stock all the regular stands and the 3', 5', and 7' panels (both patterns) in black and gray. Those items are the quickest to ship. 

  • what payment methods do you accept?

We accept checks, credit cards, and wire transfers. Credit cards are accepted through our online shop or you can contact us for more information on paying with any of those methods.

  • how will my order be delivered?

The majority of SelectSpace orders will be delivered palletized by a freight company.  Very small orders without any 7' panels may be sent boxed by a common carrier. For freight deliveries, someone will have to be on location at the delivery address to accept delivery.


Please let us know if your delivery location has any special requirements or you need additional services (liftgate, after-hours delivery, etc...) For more details, please read through our shipping & delivery information.

  • what is the warranty, cancellation, and return policy?

You can find more information on our warranty, cancellation, and return policies here.

  • do you rent essential partitions?

Unfortunately, we do not have a rental program in place for SelectSpace Partitions products.

  • do you ship internationally?

We do ship internationally!  If you are located in Canada, please contact our Canadian distributor BUM Contract Furniture.  If you are located in any other countries, contact us for more information. 

FAQ Ordering


  • will my logo work for laser-cutting?

Laser-cutting works best on logos with simple, smooth shapes and text. Highly detailed logos may need simplification or be substituted with plain text.  For more information and examples comparing logos with their laser-cut versions, check out this blog post.

  • can I customize the panel widths and pole heights?

We make all the SelectSpace components in-house so we can modify the dimensions as a custom order. Please keep in mind that custom orders are going to be a higher cost and longer lead time than standard components. Contact us for more information on our capabilities and to discuss your needs. 

  • do you have any other panel patterns?

Currently we are offering the circle pattern and square weave pattern. Additional patterns may be added in the future!  If you have a specific pattern in mind and would like to discuss a custom order, request a quote and upload an example image for us to review with you.

  • can I get partitions that match my logo/color scheme?

Sure! ​Powder coating comes in a wide variety of colors and can be custom-made to match a paint or fabric swatch. For more info and a budgetary estimate, please submit a quote request form including a plan view or drawing with dimensions and the color information. Using a standardized physical color numbering system such as RAL or Pantone works the best.  

  • how long do custom orders take to ship?

Laser-cutting and our standard color options take 2 weeks from order placement and/or logo approval. Very large orders and highly customized orders such as custom panel lengths, pole heights, or panel patterns may take 4-6 weeks from order placement. 

FAQ Customization


  • do I really need partitions around my patio/sidewalk cafe/outdoor seating area?

If your area is on public or municipal property, then the answer is most likely yes! However, not every city and municipal area requires partitions, so it is best to check with your local governing body on what is required in your area. If you are on private property that isn't your own, check with your landlord. For some general permit information, check out our permits page.  

  • does SelectSpace fit the permit requirements in my city?

We designed SelectSpace to fit as many of the most common partition requirements as possible across the US.  Unfortunately the requirements are not consistent from one area to the next and occasionally conflict with each other.  Please review the patio permit and partition guidelines in your location closely and contact us if you have any questions!

  • do you work with wood, plastic, cloth, or glass? 

Unfortunately we do not currently work with wood, plastic, cloth, or glass materials. However, if you have a particularly large project or have budgeted for bespoke partitions, we would be happy to discuss possibilities with you! 

  • can you make me the drawings I need to submit with my permit application? 

Since we are not on-site to measure all the dimensions and note any obstacles in your space, we aren't able to provide application drawings. Permit applications generally require accurate, to-scale drawings and if you need assistance then contacting a local architect or draftsman will be your best bet.

didn't find the answer you need?  contact us!

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