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Case Study: On The Rocks

On The Rocks Spirits and Gaming in Romeoville, IL needed removable sidewalk patio partitions with planters and a gated entrance.


"Our experience with SelectSpace Partitions could not have been better.

We reached out to get outdoor partitions for our bar patio and they went above and beyond to create something timeless and perfect for us!"

Removable Sidewalk Patio Partitions, Black

Since the gate was the centerpiece of their partitions, they wanted to add the special touch of laser-cutting their logo into the gate panel. Click here for more information on the laser-cutting process.


"The detail that went into everything especially our logo was perfect.

The whole process was very quick and easy, we sent what we needed and they came up with a solution."

Closeup of removable sidewalk barrier gate

The gate is lockable with a padlock if needed.

Closeup of padlock hasp on sidewalk barrier gate

"It is solid construction and stands up to all the weather we endure whether it be rain, sun, 50 mph wind, nothing happens or changes to our partition."


On The Rocks chose the square weave pattern panels for sleek look.

Sidewalk patio with planters and bright flowers

The circle top planters make it easy to add your favorite flowers! Curious about the difference between circle and square top planters?


"We could not be more pleased with the promptness and detail of SelectSpace® Partitions. We thank you for helping us!”

Front view of restaurant patio with planters and a gate

Need sidewalk café partitions for your space? Request a quote and we will be happy to work with you to develop your perfect partition system!

Just looking around? Browse our gallery for plenty of patio inspiration!


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